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    Suggestion on new GST regime : One percent tax to be paid by all.

    The imposing of GST and later reverting back some of the products to lesser rates has brought bad name to the NDA government and Congress is taking credit to this reduction of tax rates. What I suggest that government must come out with new tax of only one percent to be payable by buyer and seller at all levels. For example if a pen is being manufactured, the pointer, the cap, the case, the ink , the refill and packing are done by different companies and thus even one percent tax is levied, the government would easily get 6 percent without any murmuring. Any takers ?
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    I think it is not so easy to decide the tax policy just like that. The financial experts and policymakers have to see all the pros and cons of the scheme and its implementation. So instead of so easily deciding just like that, the government has to convince the public and how they are coming to these decreased levels. What is the burden they are bearing by reducing the taxes like this? The opposition parties will never accept that the ruling party is doing good. That is natural. The people should have confidence in the government. For that Modi& Co., should go to the public with their achievements and benefits to the general public which will have more effect on the mindset of the voters. As on date, my reading is that the people are more towards BJP only. Still, it will increase with this reduction in taxes. The opposition will always try to find something or other,
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    If the tax rates are high, there are every chance of evading through back door method and hence if my suggestion is implemented, every one would come under tax purview and no hazards.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is an extremely basic way of tax banding consumer goods that would not be feasible when we include all the range of goods.Often the high end product attracts more tax, luxury item attracts more tax, branded or imported goods for social life will have more tax as these are not often used by the common man. Every government or policy maker will have to be careful about what the common man uses ( food, cereals, basic clothes, oil,petrol ) and what the common man produces ( handloom items, handicrafts, jute bags etc). To encourage small scale industries, cooperative societies and startups the tax has to be less. Travel which is a necessity will have to be taxed based on the affordability and the target consumers ( public transport like trains vs air travel).
    Maybe in a very small country these things can be tried out but not in our country.

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