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    Hollywood's skeletons in the cupboard are tumbling out?

    In the recent days, Hollywood has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Well known individuals have be named and shamed one after another. The entertainment industry has the heady mix of money, publicity and the intense desire to climb up the ladder and for people to prey upon the newcomers.
    Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood producer
    Michael Oreskes, news Chief of National Public radio,
    Kevin Spacey, Hoollywood actor
    James Toback,Hollywood director
    Jann Wenner of Rolling stones
    Steven Seagal, Hollywood actor
    Louis Ck comedian
    Andres Kreisberg, excutive producer of shows (Arrow,Supergirl,Flash) for Warner Bros.

    Will Hollywood be able to get past this? Are these warning bells for the Indian Entertainment Industry too?
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    Why was this thread unanswered yet?
    Well, Kevin Spacey was able to use a distraction and get away.
    But as for others, I think both victims and media was afraid.
    You remember the Trump incident right?
    A woman accused him of assaulting her 20 years ago. But he won anyway? This incident was the beginning of the chain.
    A chain of revelations.
    Now victims grew courage because they aren't alone.
    Bollywood on other hand, thrives in controversy. Hrithik Roshan, Salman Khan....there are so many celebrities caught in this whirl.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Film Industry all over the world is always surrounded with controversies and stories and Hollywood cannot be exempted. When the actors get into fame mode, the trouble makers would try to tarnish the image of those who are performing and earning good money. In film Industry when some one is going on getting the offer and others are being neglected , surely bad feelings would erupt and that is the reason being so , many actors are maligned for just reasons and thus such kind personal character assassination is the bad trend and that should not occur to our Bollywood.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Bravo to the women.

    There are many critics who question the timing and question why now, why not when the sexual harassment happened. I for one am happy that these women have found their voices and are speaking out, instead of feeling ashamed and traumatised by their experiences. Back then their voices might have been muffled, now they have an audience, willing to listen and better still, take action.

    You ask if Hollywood can get past this. In my opinion, Kevin Spacey being thrown out of 'All the money in the world' and being replaced by Christopher Plummer (one of my favourite actors) answers your question. Such actions are laudable. They send out a strong message that the world will not tolerate sex offenders.

    The casting couch has been in the news, ever since I can remember. If media reports are to be trusted such things happen in our industry as well. Many Indian actresses have, in the past, accused members of the male fraternity of sexual advances etc. But, they could not garner the support of their peers; instead, they were dubbed as being opportunistic. They ended up getting shunned by the industry.

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    In film industry controversies will come up as correctly pointed out by the author. The reasons for these are nothing but money, publicity and the intense desire to climb up the ladder. The intense desire for progress will make them do anything without any thought on values and ethics. This is the root cause of these problems. However how long others will tolerate. As the number of victims increases definitely they will try to unite and raise their voice. It is good at least the people will try to stop such activities further. Some seniors in the industry will try to take the advantage when the newcomers are trying for their betterment and harass them. These days many news about the ill-treatment of lady actors by the directors and Producers are coming out. If all of them unite these issue can be stopped anywhere.
    always confident

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