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    What is your weakness - Isn't that a difficult question?

    What is your weakness, is the quite common question asked during interviews. We all know our weakness as we do self-criticism once in a while. But no one will ever want to talk about their weakness. Now, you are sitting in front of a panel and you are asked this question, you have no other go than to give a reply or else you will lose the job forever.

    Isn't that a critical situation? I became nervous when I heard this question during my first interview. The reason is that we can't bluntly tell them our weakness that is like digging our own grave. We need to find a weakness that is in a way a plus and at the same time a weakness too. What all we have to undergo to get a job! I think some will lie and say something that actually might not be their weakness. It is because this question is a sure one and everyone goes prepared for it.

    Members, share your experience from your interview time. How did you manage to answer this tricky question?
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    I fully agree. This is a very tough question which requires very intelligent and pre-planned answer. Long back, one of my friends (working in private sector) told me that the trick to answer this particular question is to represent one's good quality as weakness. For example, he once stated that his weakness was to strive for perfection. He himself tried to complete a task in a perfect manner and he expected the same from his colleagues, team-members and subordinates, which was not always possible.

    The Board was impressed by my firend's pre-planned answer.

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    Normally any person wont reveal their draw backs or weakness. While they are ready to share their progress story and winning strides, they are not ready to admit their weakness in front of others. Though every person knows their weakness, making it public would demean them. In interviews such questions are asked to see your confidence level. If a person admits about his weakness are considered to be strait forward and the management would like them. If the person wont admit his weakness, the interviewer shall grill further to get the right answer. It is better to reveal the weakness and get out of the situation.
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    My weakness is telling the truth frankly with openness, fun and sarcastism. I wish to see a smile on others face with my activities. That gives me a pleasure. At times many does'nt trust my words, and they hate me. It is not a difficult question to people who always speak truth.
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    Many times we will get the question from the other side. Especially it is a common question in interviews particularly in private industries. The answer should be such that by answering this question the interviewer should get impressed. One day I was asked the same question by the interviewing body. I answered to stick to timing and schedules is my weakness. immediately how can you say this as weakness. My answer to that is, Not sticking to time and coming late to the meetings is the order of the seniors in the meetings in our country. The more senior you are, the more the late you should come. But I will always be in time for any meeting. Sometimes the other people think that I don't have work, that is why I am able to make it in time. So I feel it is a weakness. Those people appreciated my answer and of course, I got selected for the post.
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    Yes I am also confused how to answer this question if asked in an interview. I have tried to form a perfect answet to this but I wasn't able to think of a good answer which show my positive qualities instead of negative.
    But since this is not my interview and its not like that anyone will reject my answer so I am answering honestly my weakness is I am not very good with the activities like dance, makeup and other form of art related to theae things which are often considerd girlish activities.
    My relatives, friends and family often tease me when will I learn the girls like activities.
    I don't know why people has made this crieteria of girls-like or boys-like activities but I don't fit in that crietirea.

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    Ms. Joshi: If you are really confused how to answer this particular question asked frequently in interviews, please go through my previous response (#615193). I have also discussed this question in the following article (Question No. 5):-

    "How to handle eight typical interview questions''

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    I think weakness should be described in a positive manner if the interviewer asks this question then you need to give the answer like your concentration on work, timing on working, result orientation etc. Do not loose talk like I am very weak in working, Lack of knowledge, weak point etc
    We always need to hide our weakness so that you will be safe in future I mostly avoid to say my weakness to anyone otherwise we may get trouble in the future same way you do not need to show your weakness but you can convert your strongness approach as weakness.

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    This is a question that comes with a hint that thinks before you answers and is truthful, not innovative because the person sitting is also a human. Answering that I'm perfect, capable and have no weakness as far as this job is concerned, it would be a big mistake, as the interviewer will read through you instantly.
    Many times, it is how your word it and pace yourself that is important. I have used the little difficulties of getting work-life balance correctly and unable to rely on new faces until I get acquainted. I guess if you are very confident and have few promising job interviews, you can think out of the box or throw an unexpected comment.

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    I agree with it, this question completely turns our mind, when being asked by the interviewers. Because as usual, we cannot tell someone our weakness. In fact, most people tend to answer it very honestly also.
    Some people even tell their personal weaknesses at that time, that they cannot understand people's nature easily. But, if this type of an answer is given, they will say, "how will you work if you cannot understand your fellow colleague?" Some people also say that they cannot work in groups. These types of questions are highly confusing from job perspective I think.

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