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    Listening to your inner moral compass helps you to sleep better.

    Many elders often say, if you don't do anything that is wrong or you feel guilty about, you would be able to sleep peacefully. A human who can sleep instantly after going to bed is a person whose conciseness is clear, this also has been told to me many times. Are these just sayings of old men or is there some truth and wisdom in it. There are many people who indulge in anti-social activities, abuse children,women, commit crimes, build an empire at the expense of many livelyhoods, do they loose sleep over their wrong doings?

    How difficult would it be to follow or even decide what is right and wrong in a society like ours.
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    From my personal experience, what I feel is when I have done some mistake or something wrong, I can't sleep peacefully. Other days I can easily sleep by seeing my bed itself except those days when I am sick. Those things which are wrong to you might not be wrong to others. We normally do things which we feel right, but the other person might not find it to be right. So we can't actually judge correctly. If you think what you did is right, you will be able to sleep well. It all depends on our thinking.

    People who commit crime are those who do not have a good heart at all. For them what they are doing is right as their main intention will be to make money or pleasure. They might be mentally ill too. So they won't have any issues of sleepless nights is what I personally feel.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    It is true that if you do something wrong to someone, or by mistake hurt them, you ought to feel bad from inside, and it gets hard to sleep then. As the same thoughts and words that you said, will burst upon you.
    While when you are feeling good and had a normal day with work and people, you get to sleep easily and better.
    But, I feel, it also somewhat depends on the habit, some people cannot sleep instantly, it automatically does not come early, how much tired you are.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A guilty mind will prick always. It may need a constant and persistent training to block the fair voice of our inner conscience.But even that comes out in an unguarded moment. That is why we hear that so-and-so confessed to a crime or guilty act committed many years ago and the original event is totally forgotten by even the victims.

    I had heard bout some similar incident from my senior colleagues. A wealth business man who was nearing his death called his sons and told them to first clear his defaulted bank loan. The irony was that he was a wilful defaulter and was prolonging the matter by legal loopholes. That shows that one has fear and reverence to his inner conscience.

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    Nice said by the author. Getting a deep sleep is the gift and not every one is bestowed with it. No doubt we should get sleep automatically after that hectic day of work, But during the day some wrong doings must be coming in flash back that would bother the person very much and in that melee he loose the sleep and sleep disorder accompanied with various illness starts. I have seen people taking the help of listening to song, playing games and also reading books to get the sleep forcefully. That should not be the habit. Sleep must come on its own and you must wake up without being asked to do.
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    The more the physical strain you give to your body the fast you will get the sleep. A daily wage earner sleeps on the ground without ant bed or pillow as his body wants some rest as the pain it has taken in the daytime is very high. But a person sits in a cushioned chair in his AC chamber in the office will never get sleep easily on his foam bed ina AC room. Coming to the point in the thread we will feel very difficult when we have committed a wrong and somebody suffered because of it. We will not get sleep easily when we are not able to complete our work in the daytime as we spend more time thinking about our inability to complete work and thinking about the place we have a committed a mistake. But we will sleep very fast when we are having no problems or when we have not done any mistake.
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