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    Is SAARC dying under Indian eye?

    Do you think SAARC is facing a possible death? Air your opinions, giving reasons for this possible phenomenon.

    The Idea of SAARC is slowly seeing its death. India has particularly invested a great amount of political, diplomatic, cultural and economic capital in it. But everything is dying. Pakistan wanted to see demise of SAARC and it was more than happy on the Indian decision to boycott it. India must see the SAARC issue in large and not merely in light of India Pak disputes
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    Yes, I do agree with the author that SAARC has been dying peacefully. Now let us go into little bit details. The concept of SAARC was the brain-child of Gen. Ziaur Rahman, the military ruler of Bangladesh, who was later assassinated.

    Although there are many great idealistic theory propagated about SAARC, actually it has been created to fleece India to get more and more opportunities from India. India, till now, has not received any co-operation from other SAARC countries in any field, the exception being Bhutan and partly Nepal and Srilanka (very occasionally).

    So, I feel that India must allow SAARC to die peacefully.

    This is my personal opinion and I know that my view would not be palatable to many others, but I have developed my view from my close observation of other SAARC countries for the last 20 years or so.

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    Indian perspective for SAARC was never a give and take relationahip. India joined SAARC very well knowing that only Gujral doctrine could be follwed. The neccesity for SAARC were
    1. These countries were once part of Akandh Bharat.
    2. Shared cultural values.
    3. Similiar Socio Economic position.
    4. Disaster co-operation.
    5. Shared history.
    Indian objectives in SAARC were never reciprocal and always far greater.
    1. To have a regional organisation with India led.
    2. To have considerable boost for UNSC claim.
    3. To counter influence of Super powers in this region.

    All the above visions still remain same. And it was only last year India spent billions in SAARC Satellite. Can India afford to allow everything to die?

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    In my opinion, SAARC has not done anything good to our country. In any way, our country was benefitted by this and no country helped us from this. So when it is not doing any good for us, why bother about it. So it is better to let it die its own death.
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    I agree that SAARC is dying and also with the point raised by DR.N.V.Srinivasa that it hasn't done anything good for anything and always become a victim of Indo-Pak bad relations and has remained just a platform for India and Pakistan to show off their power and influence over South-Asian region.
    Slowly it became nothing but just a liability for all the nations participating in it and seeing its present condition it seems like India's boycott to last year's SAARC summit in Pakistan worked like the last nail in the coffin.
    And for India slowly this institution is replaced by BIMSTEC( Bay of Bengal Initiative for multisectoral technical and economic cooperation) and working better than SAARC

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    As I have stated on numerous occasions, in international relations, bilateral and multilateral relationship develops on give & take basis. Unilateral friendship is not possible, even if it is possible, it does not continue for long-term. Same is happening in respect of SAARC. It is not permanently possible for India to go on helping the neighbouring nations without getting much in near and distant future. Moreover, helping those countries create various controversies. The attentive readers off newspapers can remember the unnecessary controversy about the proposed Rampal thermal power plant in Bangladesh. When India tried to help Bangladesh unilaterally, the opposition parties of Bangladesh (BNP, Jamat and Jatiyo Party) created tremendous hue and cry against the proposed project of NTPC to help Bangladesh.

    Moreover, these countries won't help India to get permanent seat of UNSC. They can't help India to become a super-power, either military or economic.

    So, SAARC may be allowed to die peacefully. We will write good obituary after its death.

    (This is my personal opinion.)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    For the Asia-Pacific region, we have the SAARC, ASEAN and Colombo plan and Asia-Pacific-Economic-Cooperation (India is not a member). India is a member of SAARC and Colombo Plan. I'm not an expert on these but when you have countries thrown in a group like this, there would be an unsaid hierarchy, over whose more powerful. Then there would be countries that have common distrustful neighbors and friends. Here in the APEC, we have USA and China who would certainly influence the decision of the other smaller nations in terms of how much the SAARC members would endorse an Indian plan or growth or for instance the UNSC permanent seat. Another sad truth is smaller nations will join the list and enjoy the benefits at the expense of the main sponsor.

    I think, in the near future we would see a merger of SAARC into one of the regional groups or like along the lines of Britain coming out of the EU ( though we don't have a single currency and other major trade implications of EU), members may pull out or SAARC would gradually fade out.

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    I can remember how SAARC was so important during Indira Gandhi days as Prime Minister and her regular interactions through this International fora has addressed many issues. Ever since UPA government stepped in SAARC was neglected and Modi government has ensured that SAARC be closed. To create an organization is difficult but it is easy to disband it. India is the big country in Asia and by virtue of its strides in various fields in recent past, it is imperative to have best relations with Asian countries and therefore SAARC has to be rejuvenated with amendment to clauses that should safeguard the region without terror menace.
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    Can you elabrate on your comparison with BIMSTEC. How BIMSTEC is better than SAARC?

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