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    Can anyone suggest best offline apps to learn english?

    As online grammerly application is added in ISC to post new thread in forum section for new comer who is not good in english. This app requires internet connection. I have fast internet speed broadband but still application shows loading. I don't understand the reason behind this. Can anyone suggest any other app. either of pc and android which helps in improving vocabulary and grammer. What is the best way of learning english in a less time duration?
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    Answering your last question, a lot of people spend time writing the language or reading complex serious books. From personal experience, listening and reading simple English (summaries, an additional page of papers were experts focus on certain issues, human rights, justice, travel) helped me a lot first. The start translating your thoughts into words and use the spell check, once you're beyond this then grammar will often be correct expect for long sentences and first-person sentences. Listening helps in learning the language without even you being aware of it (try BBC or English documentaries). Learn similarities and new words and their association. Learning phrases rather than individual words help in faster improvement.
    You can try or ginger software, both are for chrome. I would still suggest sticking to Grammarly as it does a good job and the website also quotes that Grammarly checks for plagiarism which would be an added bonus.

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    Converse and speak more in English with people around you, that is the best way to learn good English. I would also say Grammarly is the best tool to find your errors in English and make the necessary corrections when needed. I have also heard there is a very good book to learn good Grammar "Wren and Martin" - During my childhood, I always followed this book.
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    Think in English. Generally, we all will be thinking about something always. This thinking will also have a language.But if you want to learn and inculcate the habit of speaking English, you start thinking in English. Keep a dictionary with you. If you are not able to get an English word for the word in your mother tongue, refer the dictionary and know the equivalent word from English. That will give you a very good chance to learn English past and you can speak English without any hesitation. Try to read English newspapers and read each and every word. Don't skip words. If you don't know the meaning again go to the dictionary which will help you in getting the mean. Continue this practice for at least 6 months. You will notice a tremendous improvement in your language. But don't stop reading. Continue reading. It will give good grip on the subject.
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