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    Kadalekai Parishe:Bangalore's unique tradition

    A few centuries ago, farmers in and around the area now called Basavangudi, used to cultivate groundnuts. According to the local legend, during harvest time, the crops were being destroyed by a big bull (Basava in Kannada, an incarnation of Nandi). The villagers offered their prayers and soon an idol of a bull (1537) was also found close by and KempeGowda (founder of Bangalore) built a temple on a hillock.

    Since then every year, the last Monday of Karthika masa(month), an annual peanut fair is held for two days. Farmers from neighboring villages and states sell peanuts and groundnuts. The entire area has a festive look like a village fair for the families to pray, purchase some toys, eat local snacks and buy groundnuts before returning home.This tradition of a village fair has been continued annually since the 16th century despite the commercial and residential developments around this busy part of Bangalore.
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    I have visited this temple during my visit to Bangalore. But I am not aware of this history. I am also not knowing that there will be an annual peanut fair here. The temple is good and the idol is also very big and beautiful. Now by understanding about the temple, I feel like to have one more visit to this temple during my next visit to Bangalore. I may be going there in this month as I have some official work there.
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    It is always fascinating to know about existance of such places and how they came to existance and festivals and traditiona related to these places.
    Although I am not much aware about this temple but I would like to share one fact about the temples where "Nandi " is worshipped.
    People often put water over Nandi's statue just like they put water and milk over shivlinga of Lord shiva and, then says there wish in the ears of "Nandi", it is believed saying your wish in Nandi's ear makes that wish come true if you really have faith and sincerly prayed for that wish to come true.

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    I was regular visitor to Bangalore ,especially to Basavangudi,as our lawyer's office situated there. Before going to advocate office my practice was to go to Basavangudi Ganesa temple. One time the temple was overcrowded as if a festival and later I heard the 'kadale kai festival'. I spent more than one hour there by enjoying.

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    A very interesting piece of narration regarding the historical importance of the temple and the places around.
    The fair itself is a unique one and if one gets opportunity is also worth visiting.
    Thanks for such a knowledge sharing post.

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    Though I had visited Bull Temple, I was not aware of the Kadalekai Parishe..
    Thanks to Nataraja for posting this information. This post prompted to me read more about this.

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    I have spent most of my days in Bangalore, and heard about Nandi temple, but I had no time to visit the temple. Would visit the temple soon and enjoy the kadelakai festival.
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    For the first time I am coming across the fact that even for Kadalakkai, or Moong phalli what we call it in Hindi has the festivities in Karnataka. Just give me more details as to how many varieties of peanuts are being sold in that place.
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