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    Stop buying and giving unfamiliar items to children

    We found many shops are displaying snack packets in the way to attract children and children also very adamant in buying such items. But recently a message I read as some strange disease with rashes are affected the children on consuming unknown or unfamiliar snack packets. Please parents have an eye on them while going for shopping with them or bringing them from schools.
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    It is true. We should not allow small kids to eat outside made food. They use very inferior quality in puts. Another problem is the oil will be heated up for a long time repeatedly. The food made by using this oil is the reason for many diseases to children. It is better to go for homemade food. If outside items are to be purchased for eating we should go to well-known companies only. For example Britania for Biscuits. I sincerely suggest not to give any fried items to children. That is not at all a good food for children.
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    Good alert from the author. When you pass through the big whole sale shops you will find lots of packets being displayed with attractive designs and colors. Children get swayed over such packing and they insist to buy the same. The Hyderabad police has been warning the people not to purchase unbranded snacks packs from the road side kiosks as they are prepared without any licence, nor with the rules prescribed by the food adulteration detecting departments . The oil through which they snacks are prepared are not revealed and thus it is harmful eat and the children would get ill immediately.
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    Many times these are not reliable reports, sometime back we got a picture of a person with rashes all over after paracetamol tablets that later turned out to be fake. In general, we need to be careful about buying the snacks that are attractively packed with good picture and cartoon characters that draw the attention of the child. It is safer to go for the known brands rather than cheaper unknown brands wherein the snacks may be made unhygienically or using adulterated oils. Some of them have too much of salt or flavor that makes a child cough apart from being unhealthy. For us, a known brand and the snack types that we are familiar with is what we buy when kids ask, even if its a couple of ruppees more atleast we can be reasonable comfortable that it's good.

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    Kids will easily get attracted to foods and snacks sold outside in colorful packets. If they offer a toy along with it then definitely kid will cry to get that. These are marketing techniques and they know that parents will finally agree to the kid as they do not want to make them cry for long.

    But like the author said, we the parents should avoid such situations for the sake of our child's health. Try making healthy fancy stuffs at home and tell the child that you will make that for them instead of the packed ones. Also for the offer toys, get the child a toy alone from the toys shop.

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