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    Which temple's sculpture and architectural aspects you like the most in India?

    In our country, there are a good number of temples renowned for their sculpture and architecture.Many of you might have seen various temples. Out of the temples, which of the temples you liked best for the sculpture and architectural features. I like the Halebidu and Beluru temples in Karnataka for their sculpture. The rock-cut Kailash temple is the best from the architectural point of view. Are there any other temples that are sculpturally and architecturally famous than the ones mentioned above by me?
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    I have visited the temple You have mentioned in your post. I also liked that.I liked the Halebidu and Beluru temples in Karnataka for their sculpture. I feel the rock-cut Kailash temple is one of the bests from the architectural point of view. I have seen many temples where the sculpture of the temple is excellent. There is a temple in a village called Ryali in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. There the main idol is unique. The front side of the idol is a male and it is of Lord Vishnu Murty. The back side of the idol is a female and it is of Jaganmohini. Really a great work. Similarly the Siva temple at Sri Kalahasti in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. A feast for eyes. A very great sculpture. An excellent exhibition of the skill in converting stones to beautiful idols. Everyone should visit this temple also.
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    In fact, I wanted to mention the idol at Ryali. It is a wonderful piece of sculpture and looks like as if it is carved now. The stone used is unique. Likewise, the sculpture at Ramappa temple in Telangana is beautiful.
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    It's the toughest question one could ask. Our country has a very rich architechtural heritage. But I say Konark. It is not as huge as Brihadishwara, not as old as Dwaraka, not as popular as Tirupathi...But there's something attracting about it.
    It's stunning in its own way. A splendid balance of art and science.
    And it is one of the few Sun temples in India. Sun magically irradiates the sanctum santorum during Makar Sankranti.
    And it is pretty old too. I guess it is 1000 years old. It's architecture is very un-mainstream.

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    I like the thousand pillar Ramappa temple in Warangal which is the marvel on its own. When we touch each pillar it gives various sounds as if musical instrument were fixed in it. Just imagine the architecture, the gigantic structure and above all no copying of design nor the model. Each big temple in South India were the creations of respective Kings during their regime and even the Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Gangai Konda Cholapuram and also the famous temple tower of Ranganathar Temple are the best example of best architecture. I bet even the modern Engineers of these years cannot ensure such constructions.
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    If I remember correctly, the thousand pillar temple is in Hanmakonda. The Ramappa temple is located at a distance of about 70 KM from Warangal near to Palempet village. The thousand pillar temple is a wonderful example of architecture.
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    Not traveled much in North India but in Karnataka, I have been impressed by the Somanathpur temple. It's the Chennakesava temple at Somanathpura close to Shivanasamudhra and Mysore.
    It's known for its symmetry and a large star-shaped platform with courtyard lined by the pillared rectangular perimeter. It's said to be the best of Hoysala period. It is very well maintained and neat compared to other temples. The carvings are intricate and a visual treat.

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    Photograph was taken by me earlier this year when we visited Somanthapura

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    Our fingers are not sufficient to count. That much architectures in our country. A blind cannot see the figure though it is great. An uninterested person cannot realize the greatness in anything though it in his hand. A small story. One devotee sincerely pray God for Grace. God appeared before him and gave a rare stone without formal shape and told him get the price for the same from public without selling. He took the stone to a nearby fruit vendor(as he himself did not know the value of the stone). Fruit vendor valued for six bananas. Next one iron shop owner ready to take for one kilo iron. One gems merchant ready to offer one lakh. He was getting puzzled as God told him not to sell. A man by the side Gemmologist took him away and asked he got the stone. This person told him entirely. By hearing, the other person took him along with the stone to his house. He in his house took a silver plate ,placed the stone with devotion and poured milk on that with humble. Then he wiped stone with good cloth and return the same by wrapping the same with a silk cloth. Then he told the first person,'Sir, you should not see the domestic value for this as you are getting this directly from God.'Then he realized the value. Similar to this, we have to realize the treasure left for us by our elders.

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