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    Fastest fingers first not always a good thing - this is ISC, not KBC!


    Please take time to read this lengthy suggestion -

    We understand your enthusiasm to participate in forum discussions, answer Ask Expert queries and respond to articles with your comments. However, keep in mind that the ISC platform is not the KBC reality show!! You may be eager to be the first off the mark and respond, but at least ensure that what you are submitting is correct. Surely, as quickly as you respond, so also as quickly you could check back what you submitted. Time and again we have been making this request to check back your posts. When I make a round of the forum, for example, I find plenty of errors. A couple of them may be funny to read, but mostly not. You see, a letter wrongly typed in, here and there, makes the meaning of the word entirely different, perhaps even making the response totally unrelated to what is really meant. Writing is an art, no matter that it may not be for writing full-fledged articles, so care must be taken to ensure the art is presented well, to make for a pleasant experience to enjoy.

    Examples -
    Trail instead of trial.
    Boasting instead of boosting.
    Ate instead of are.
    Rear instead of read.
    Work instead of word.

    See, these are not akin to often confused similar words (such as writing loose instead of lose), but mistakes that creep in when you type. I think the percentage of errors is much higher when you are accessing ISC through your smartphone. When you type a word on the screen's keyboard, some fixed prediction words will pop up. These may get selected inadvertently, thereby resulting in the wrong word being selected. When doing fast, hasty typing, too, you may select a key next to the one you wanted - you type, for example, jig instead of jug (the 'i' being next to 'u'.)

    Also, just because you are typing from your phone, please do not overlook the necessity to start every sentence with a capital letter. I have found, literally, tons of this erroneous English in both, the forum thread's text and in that of responses.

    So let's make a teeny effort, shall we, to not get over-excited to be the first everywhere and make it a point, instead, to take care to focus on what is being typed. Please check spacing issues as well.

    By the way, I make such errors, too, (the word-work error being most common), so I do make conscious efforts to try and remember to check back what I have typed.

    A final note: many of you will benefit by spending time at our Learn English section. Check out the posts, specially, which bring out differences between similar sounding words. Please try to improve on punctuation too. A comma (not coma, mind you!) may make a world of difference!
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    A nice thread subtly, but effectively cautioning, reminding and prodding us to make our posts error free!

    I have to concede that I am also one of those 'hasty-fast-finger' type. Only when I come back to the post sometime later for a follow up post or reply to some response that I realise I had committed such typo errors. I have also discovered that some errors occur due to the variation in pressing the keys.

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    When I read the thread, I immediately thought about Venkiteswaran who commits such minor errors in spelling . And this was admitted by him earlier . This is due to the small gadget that we use, and one little finger occupies three big letters while typing. I do not commit such mistakes. If any, it may be brought to my notice.
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    A very valid post. These type of mistakes are happening mainly due to the usage of phones for submitting the post. Another reason is improper fingering of the keyboard as many of us are not very good at typing. I am doing a mistake of not reading the entire matter typed by me before submitting the post. Earlier I was doing that. These days I stopped it as I downloaded the Grammarly. However, after seeing this post I have decided to that again.
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    I am also one of the members who type with the mobile whenever I am traveling somewhere. Whenever I am in Metros or in some boring gathering of relative and often commits such mistake so as I read the thread it attracted my attention. Firstly because the title was really interesting and creative and secondly it points out mistakes of members like me but whenever I type with my laptop I use "Grammarly" to avoid such mistakes. And I will try to edit my posts which I posted on smartphones.
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    Normally all members must ensure correct usage of words and right words with error free, grammar error free words in their contents before loading to the site. Though I also make such observations before loading, some times the error might have crept in without my notice. Nevertheless this alert once again a reminder to all , to make sure error free content for this site.
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    A very timely post from our ME. All of us must check very carefully before posting, to minimize chances of error. Particularly I have to be extra careful because I am a very poor typist. I am prone to make typing and careless mistakes.
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    Thanks for the post and explanations, sounds so simple, yet mistakes creep in. I've misread a couple of threads and may have some spell errors. Let's make it more error-free and use the right words.

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    A nice post, we should be very careful with what words we are writing and should write them at a normal speed. Writing with high speed could make a lot of mistakes which could change the meaning of sentences also. We sometimes do not notice doing certain spelling mistakes. In order to write a good thread, it's very important to take care of the words that we are writing.
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    Even I have felt that I am making mistakes when using my smartphone. However whenever I notice it, I edit the post and correct it. But sometimes I overlook it. I understand such type of errors won't look good in a platform like ISC.

    Even if I am using my laptop, the software's installed will correct me on spelling errors and grammatical errors. But if 'read' is typed as 'red',I don't think even the software's are pointing it out. The only solution is to read the post carefully before submitting.

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    Glad that members have admitted that they are prone to mistakes. But the point to be noted is whether you spare some time to check your content before pressing the submit button. 'Let us not be in a hurry' is the point that our ME has tried to convey. Please understand.
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    Sad to say, the errors continue, with no back-checks being done. Even in comments to articles, it is the same saga. Unless you are in a mad rush to get to somewhere and/or catching a bus, train or flight, surely you could spare a few seconds to read what you have just submitted. Do pay attention please to the earnest suggestion conveyed here.
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    One more thing - despite an earlier advisory, some of you are still leaving more than one space between words and between the end of a sentence & the beginning of the next one in article comments & updates. When checking for typo errors, it would be good to check spacing issues as well.
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