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    Does any state Government celebrate any 'Jayanti' to pay respect to Raja Krishnadevaraya?

    Unfortunately I have not got much opportunity to study formal/academic history. I could study history up to Xth standard. Thereafter, I had to discontinue this subject. However, whatever little I studied history, I found that Raja Krishnadevaraya was a great ruler of medieval India. He was the emperor of a very prosperous kingdom; no neighboruing king or sultan dared to attack him. The prosperity of his kingdom was described by two Portuguese travelers named Domingo Paes and Fernao Nuniz.

    Raja Krishnadevaraya was benefited by the wisdom of his astute prime minister, Timmarusu. His army was very powerful. He developed an extensive spy network to get advance information about the plans and programmes of his enemies.

    The great ruler was born at Hampi in Karnataka in 1471 and died in December 1529, again in the same city. His kingdom was spread over a large area of southern part of India including present Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. His capital was at Hampi.

    Only day before yesterday, Karnataka Government celebrated the 'Jayanti' of a mass-murderer, sorry, freedom-fighter, on a grand scale. Does Karnataka Government celebrate the Jayanti of Raja Krishnadevaraya, who was born and used to rule from Hampi, a part of Karnataka? Does any other State Government celebrate 'Raja Krishnadevaraya Jayanti'?

    Just asking.
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    As far as my knowledge goes nothing like Jayanti of this famous ruler is being celebrated by any of the southern states. In Tirumala, in the temple premises of Lord Venkateswara, the statues of This king and his wife are placed in recognition to the service he has done to the temple.
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    Well late NTR during his regime as part of Tank Bund beautification project has erected many statues and out of which Krishna Devaraya statue was one and later that was destroyed during Telangana agitation. Nothing more to add.
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    Many reports quote that Sri Kirshnadevaraya's 500th coronation anniversary was celebrated at Hampi in Karnataka in January 2010 and also in Andhra Pradesh at the same time. Apart from this, I'm not aware of other events in his memory conducted annually. The just-concluded event at Karnataka is viewed by many to be a show of political egos between two parties.

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    So, from the responses I can safely assume that no State Government celebrates any 'Jayanti' in honour of Raja Krishnadevaraya. As a corollary, I can also say that the mass-murderer, oops again the same mistake, the 'freedom-fighter' was a better ruler than Raja Krishnadevaraya.
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    "Telugu adanina desambu Telugu , nenu Telugu vallabunda , nrupullela kolvare na basa Telugu basha Desha basalendu Telugu lessa"Sri Krishnadevaraya a Tullu king which speaks in South part of Karnataka like Udupi. He ruled the Vijayanagara empire as he states that I am a Telugu king there is no language like Telugu in this world.Krishnadevarya Jayanti or Krishnadevaraya (Vijayanagara victorious days) celebrated in Bangalore Once I was there I have seen so many barricades of Krishnadevaraya of celebrating his birthday or Vijayanagara victorious day celebrations(I don't know exactly).Once in united AP when Rosaiah was chief minister celebrated Krishnadevarya Jayanti or some sort of ceremony.
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