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    Late night, still awake - what are you creating?

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    I think it is because some people can stay awake for a long time at night but such people can't wake up early in the morning. While studying I used to sit late as it was difficult for me to get up early in the morning. But some of my friends will sleep by 10pm and will get up next day morning by around 4am to revise the lessons. They have no issues waking up but can't sit too late. I think it differs from person to person.

    About the creativity part, I have no idea. I am someone who can stay awake at night, and I am blessed with some creative talents. I can draw pretty well and once in a while I scribble down poems. But I do not know whether this creativity of mine is related to staying awake at night. Will wait to see the replies from other members.

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    I think late nights are thr best time to be alone in silence understanding yourself giving your mind time to create something that even you won't believe it is your creation.
    Studying things you find boring in the silence of night which suddenly turns into somethibg interesting.
    late Night awaking often are for building oneself into something really amazing and fantastic, best time for free flow of ideas and thoughts away from all the disturbances and chit chat.
    But if you are in a hostel it is just a normal routine everyone around you awake studying, watching movies and reading novels. Even making maggi it is the matter of place also which define how awakening at night is hmgoing to affect you.

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    While we were in schools the teachers used to tell us " early to bed and early to raise ", that holds good for every one and I wont give credence to the late night wake up citing reasons to do pending works. 24 hours given to each one of us is enough to plan the works one day in advance and thus we have to designate time and finish the task timely come what may in between. By compromising the sleep timings and getting late to bed by three to four hours, you are denying the ever wanted rest to the body and mind and thus invariably you get fatigue or lazy feeling while getting up early in the morning. I bet those who are going to bed late in the night cannot wake up less than 8 am in the morning and thus they loose the important tasks to be completed early in the morning in many homes and thus gets chided by time keepers in the home. I hate people waking up and compromising the sleep for works being kept wantedly.
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    Generally, I go to bed at 10 PM. But I get up by 4.30 or 4.45 AM and spend the time in reading or writing for an hour or so. My mind works sharper early in the morning after a good sleep. Whatever I read at that time I will not forget that fast. This is the habit I got from my school days. My mother used to wake me up at that time in the morning and we used to study the subject from 4.45 to 6.30 AM. The subject I study at that time is well remembered and understood. So I continue that habit even now. But my children won't prefer this. They continue late night reading. They say they can do a lot when no disturbances in the night. I leave it to them. My wife also gets up early in the morning. We both get up almost at the same time. She will be busy with her kitchen activity. But we both do yoga together for 20 minutes an early morning. This is our daily routine.
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    I believe in work yourself to sleep. If not physically then mentally. I do few stretches before I sleep. I take a bath and I'm set to sleep.
    It is scientifically tested that those who sleep late and wake up early are geniuses.
    Sadly sleep wins over my genius every night.

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    I am a late sleeper. A late riser too. I would rather stay awake in night for long, than sleeping early and getting up early. For the past many decades, I cannot remember any time when I slept before midnight. This as so even in my academic days too. The proverbs 'Early to bed and early to rise..." or "Early worm catches worm.." do not appeal to me .

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    It all depends on the individual, some are early sleepers and early risers, some sleep late and wake up after the sun is up. I like to go to bed a little late after dinner, once the kids are asleep, the rest of the house is quiet, then there is some time for yourself to do things. I often read novels or check emails or stay on ISC like now. While studying, I liked studying at night rather than early morning as I was lazy to be up very early in the morning. The best thing is to read a book or a thriller lying in the bed with the side light surrounded by silence all around, that's the best solitude I can get or we can get at home. I don't much about creativity, maybe the calm, quiet atmosphere and the fact that there nothing more to do afterward, increase creativity? Interestingly, if you see the times of the replies posted, some are just after midnight, some are very early in the morning! people are different and still there are a little creative enough to reply to this thread!

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    I am also having habit to stay awake till late night and I love to do so.
    The silence in night provides me a better environment to do something of my own choice. It can be anything like watching a movie, painting, writing or any other thing.
    When I was in hostel, the scenario was like - I used to wake my friend up early in the morning and then I used to go for a sleep. I do not know when and how I developed this habit and even started loving it but I loved it.
    Now days, I have to get up very early in the morning because of my champ's school timings but I miss those days very much.


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    Staying late at night or waking up early is completely one' s personal choice. As long as one gets a proper good night's sleep. But I have been an early bird since since childhood and continue to wake up early even now. My day starts around 4.45 am and ends by 10pm. I feel am more productive in the mornings after a good night's sleep than working late during the day when the body and mind is actually tired with the whole day's activity. Also waking up early gives 'My me time' which prepares me to plan a lot of things ahead and stay focused.

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    For a lot of people, the quiet of the night is when they create the best stuff. I can write just fine during the day, but the words I churn out after dark, when there's no one there to disturb me or look over my shoulder, are smarter and more coherent. They flow better. I've never much worried about grammar or punctuation, but I find my sentences flowing better and my writing structure improving when I'm at my most peaceful. And that only happens at night.

    I'm one of those rare people who sleep at 4 or 5 in the morning and wake up at noon. Mornings are the worst time to write. The constant sound of doorbells (milkman, garbage collecting person, the maid) annoy me to no end and play a big role in breaking my concentration and dampening my inspiration. So, I sleep through all the chaos and rise when the sun is right over our heads, when people tired from all the morning chores are beginning to relax.

    It's a pretty good routine, if I say so myself, but it's not for everyone.

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    Nice to hear everybody's experiences of sitting late night and doing their favorite tasks. Its right and is based on one's personal thoughts and choices.
    Do what inspires you !!

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