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    Can we have a life without excuses? At least attempt to?

    Yesterday an important task couldn't be completed for no fault of me but people gave me excuses from the other side, prompting me to post the thread. Every day we are in a position to give excuses or listen to excuses.

    It's the maid who's late, our office boy, the driver, the deliveryman or we ourselves unable to attend a function or not being able to reach in time, skipping a meeting.

    The reasons for these excuses at times are genuine but often it's a list of excuses made up to cover our real intentions and motives.

    The implications can just be a minor irritation to a job not done or an avoidable waste of time and resources. Are excuses a necessity of life or do we tend to overuse it?
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    Well life without excuses is impossible as we are not Gods to have the work done without our intervention and others oblige. Some times the situations are not in our control and thus we have to seek excuse. The other day I had to rush to Chennai on urgent work and I thought the train has left. But to my surprise the train was late and I could go in the same train in general compartment. The rush was not there and I could complete the journey without any problem. Now I cannot excuse the waiting persons at Chennai that I missed the train and I would be coming next day. The whole program gets jeopardized. So here the excuse wont be reality.
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    If we genuinely try to complete the work and if we can't do it because of some problems which are beyond our control, then asking for an excuse is not a mistake. We are humans. We take up jobs with a certain planning and certain thoughts and expectations. To err is human. Sometimes our calculation may go wrong when we actually take up the work and it may take a little more time than expected. Then asking for a little extra time is not a crime. But without putting the needed efforts and simply sitting on the job and asking for excuses is not acceptable. Sometimes we will have some emergencies which may cause some deviation from our plan. They may be acceptable. Every day my driver comes at 8.45 AM and we start from the house by 9 AM. Generally, he will inform one day in advance if he wants a leave. So far he never stopped coming without informing But on last Friday he phoned up at 8.30 Am and told me about a sudden crop up of a problem. I came on my own. These things once in a while is acceptable.
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    Excuses are a common happenings in each one's life and without excuses our lives will not go on. But the hard fact is even for a genuine reason we give an excuse.. It is treated as an offence in any working atmosphere. We have heard excuses like someone's not well, a death of a distant relative ,traffic jams and so on and so forth. Sometimes excuses should be excused.. To have a better environment anywhere. Beware of excuses that do more harm a husband having some fun somewhere and giving an excuse that he had some work in office.

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    Excuses are ways, to justify our missed action, or, cover it up for something, that was supposed to be done, but could not be done, for whatsoever reason which may or may not be genuine enough. We always feel that our actions are justified and can be justified by excuses hence we end up giving excuses for everything, which at times turns out to be lame.

    We might not be able to give it up entirely but as suggested by the author, yes, we can at least attempt to have a life without excuses and own up mistakes instead of giving excuses.

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    There is nothing wrong in attempting to lead a life without excuses. But how far it will be possible depends upon our situations too.
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    Excuses always come up to us a part of our life. Even we do not want to do it, but the stress of work and other things make us give excuses. Some people just give excuses to avoid more work or doing other's work or to help out anybody. I also have a habit that I forget things a lot of times, but I never do it intentionally, it just happens, and so some people consider it as an excuse that I forgot something.
    Some people intentionally prepare an excuse, while for some it just happens, without any intention. It depends on person to person.

    Do what inspires you !!

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