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    How will you tackle when the receptionist wont allow you to meet the boss or concerned person ?

    In private organizations and even in hospitals the receptionists play important role and they actually regulate the customers and persons coming to the place. Some times the head of the department for for that matter even the concerned doctor would have given appointment to us by phone and the receptionist is not aware of this and treat us as the general customers and keep us to wait. And even there are chances to deny total entry into the office by citing that there was a meeting and hence the access denied. How will you tackle with the adamant receptionist to your fold.?
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    I think if you take the appointment directly from the concerned person, it is the responsibility of the person to inform the receptionist that he has given appointment for so and so person and he will come at this time. Otherwise how the receptionist knows the issue. If on your ward she sends you inside afterwards the boss may shout at the receptionist. So they never do that. But they will phone up and ask the boss whether he has given aby appointment and will inform about the arrival of the guest. Then she will act in accordance with the guidance or instructions of the boss. If it is a doctor appointment, the receptionist will have a problem with the patients waiting there to go as per the serial. Then you have to contact the doctor on his mobile and you have to inform him about your appointment. Then he will instruct the receptionist as per his convenience.
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    According to my experience, receptionists work according to the instructions. If the receptionist doesn't allow you to meet the officer, you must be 90% sure that the concerned officer has instructed the receptionist to tell that the officer is busy or the officer is in a meeting.

    If the receptionist does not allow you to meet the officer, you may directly call the officer in his/her mobile/landline and talk to to him/her.

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    Receptionists are also humans who are doing a tough job.They have to be polite yet assertive, they have to have a smile but still be stern. They are the connection between the two people across the doors. Often they have instructions about who to be allowed, what is the actual time the boss will be around and how to fend off queries and customers.
    The situation here is one where the receptionist is caught between a rock and a hard place. If he/she allows you inside, they have to face the wrath of the boss; if they do not allow you, they'll face your anger. The trick here starts with the body language and confidence. Approach the receptionist with an air of authority that conveys that you are used to these situations. If you hesitate or stammer and do not speak out, you'll never have a chance. Then be clear and firm that why you are here and see the response. Then tell in crisp concise phrases that she has an option of call up the boss or you walk through the door, I have to be inside either way and the choice is yours but if I were you, I would pick up the phone at convey this to the boss.

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    We have to be decent, polite and civil first. If we have a sure appointment, then we have to tell the receptionist convincingly about that so that she can verify with the concerned person or department. There could have been some last minute changes and if so that will be conveyed to you then with due regrets.

    If we have approached her at a time generally not allowed for visitors and we have some real urgent unavoidable reason, then we have to be polite, and persevere, so that she takes us serious and becomes convinced that we are genuine. After all, receptionist also is human and there can be problems if it later turns out that something happened due to her negligence or her action in denying the permission. So receptionist may have a rethinking and may relent .

    I am sure if the matter is so urgent and unavoidable and there is no other alternative, then we also will take all our efforts to gain entry. We may have to plead,beg , flatter, throw names , utter technical and legal words and sometimes even threaten. (We may apologise to receptionist later after our purpose is over.)

    Many of my generation people know the Technic of perseverance practised especially when we had to travel by train without getting reserved berths. We would be following the TTE like a shadow, begging and pleading until he gives us a berth. We may be ready to any compromise because we are in need.
    The same technique is to be used with the receptionist in the present stuation also.

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