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    Are we doing Justice to Consumer Feedbacks?

    The trend know is reasonably established that the service industry needs feedbacks to improve itself, to get more likes or visits to its site and to imporve the chances of a purchase.Often we get a SMS or a mail or a folder for giving feeback. However the problem starts there, we as consumers often just tick without wasting time or ignore the messages completely. From the sellers side, sometimes you get a phone call, sir please give a good feedback, please do not negative things, it'll affect me or the person celeverly stands close by to see what we are writing. By the time the car is delivered or you reach home after a service you'll get a pleasant phone call enquiring how things are along with a request for a good remark.

    On the internet site there are so many comments that sometimes it's difficult to even decide which one is true.
    So feedback are often not true and at times are ignored or misleading. Is it just a matter of time before the consumers pick up the habit of giving honest feedback and the sellers accepting it or we need to modify the way the feedback itself is collected?
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    It is true many of us will never concentrate on giving a sincere feedback after the service. If the performance of the service is good we don't bother much about giving a feedback. By any chance, we found any problem after the activity we will be the first to complain and see that our problem is rectified. Why not give a positive feedback if the performance is good? It will be useful to other customers if we give a genuine feedback. But we don't find that much time and we think it is completely a waste to spend that much time on these activities.
    The vendor gives importance to these feedbacks as if it is good feedback he can use to for his advertisement and increase his customer base. If it is a negative feedback, he will understand the problems in their organisation and will try to rectify them. Both way it is helpful to him. So it is always better to give a genuine feedback after the service.

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    No doubt that a feed back will be highlyvaluable as far as a producer is concerned. Majority of the consumers do not worry about sending a mail or phone call. Of course reactions when something is wrong with the product will be immediate. Because the repair has to be done immediately.
    A genuine consumer can react to everything concerning the product. Then only the producer can improve the quality of the product. Actually the feed back is meant for this only. It is not for complaining about the product. Such calls go only to the maintenance section not to the development section.

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    A few years back, no I never did, I would just blindly give good, but now I realize the importance of customer feedback and how it affects the customer as well as the seller. Now I do ensure to give honest reviews and feedback so that it benefits the future customers. If the seller takes the feedback seriously it will benefit him as well.

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