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    Who is at Fault? The passengers or the driver?

    In the outskirts of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, near Ibrahimpatnam in River Krishna an accident took place yesterday evening.The boat which is supposed carry about 15 passengers loaded with 45 persons. Total 16 persons died in the accident. 21 people got rescued by police. Still, 4 persons are to be traced. The driver and two staff members came out of the water by swimming got absconded. No safety life jackets were given to passengers. Is it the carelessness of passengers or the driver? I say both of them are at fault. Why should so many people get into the boat when they know that the capacity of the boat is less? When has the staff not given safety life jackets, why the people accepted to get into it for sailing? They might have objected to that. The boating company should be taken to task. Whatever exgratia will be given by government should be recovered from the boating company. The driver should be punished severely so that the same mistake will not be committed by anyone. The passengers should take the incident as an example and should never violate the safety rules while travelling in the boat in the water. Do you agree with me members?
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    Both are at fault, at times it is the passenger who is more at fault as they refuse to comply with the safety ensured. They start abusing so the driver is compelled to bow down to the needs of the passenger. It takes a strong will to refuse such passengers as he must take a strong stand.

    The event mentioned by the author is unfortunate, we should ensure to comply with the safety rules put in place, no point in blaming others or the situation which led to the disaster.

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    Whom do you pin the blame on when a tragedy occurs? I think the system is to be blamed – this is not the first time that such an incident has occurred. Have we not learnt anything from past incidents?

    How is a boat without life-jackets on board, allowed to ferry people? Why is there no surprise inspections carried out by the licensing authorities, to ensure that all safety measures are in place? How was a permit given for the boat to ferry passengers? There has to be a method in place that carries out checks.

    Also, the point where the people embarked would have been under a governing body. How did they allow a commercial business that flouted safety rules to carry on?

    The papers state that the boatman was new and unfamiliar with the river and did not know it was shallow in that stretch. The boat capsized after getting stuck in silt.

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    Well I have also seen the detailed news this morning and it seems it is not human error. In the river any thing can happen and it is the passengers who must take precautions and they should not board over crowded boat to reach the destination. In Krishna district so many Islands are not having public transport and therefore they highly rely on boat trips. All these years no accidents occurred nor any boat capsized It seems this particular boat was over loaded and the basic precautions like having life jackets were not followed. So many lives have been lost and now the government announce exgratia of 25 lakhs each for those dead.
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    The thinking of the passengers to be blamed. The passengers think that the water route is similar to the road route. They think the ferry boat is like a transport bus that carries the passengers hanging on the footboard.
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    Reading the papers and this thread looks like everything went wrong for these poor people who lost their lives in a catalog of errors happening one after the other. The boat is not authorized, has come back from repairs but not had a trial run, the driver is new, didn't have a map, no life jackets, instead of 15, 45 people on board.Too many rules broken and the result was inevitable. In India often one has to lose his or her life to drive home a point - rules and regulations are there for a reason.The sad part is after some time this entire episode will be forgotten and the families of the people who lost their loved ones will suffer in silence.

    These will happen again and again and we cannot change it overnight. But what we can do is stand up against it and speak out. I'm sure of the 45 at least some would have felt uneasy and complained against overcrowding and no life jacket. Earlier this year, we were on an early morning river safari ride with everything provided and the correct number of people after 5-10 minutes we had a dense fog, on enquiring the driver said it's nothing much.Two of us raised our voices and said nothing doing, turn back. As he was hesitating, the entire group of 14 unrelated people said. Don't argue, turn the boat back. After three unpleasant phone calls to the manager, one of us spoke, cancel this ride arrange for a refund, they yielded to our request.

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    This unfortunate event clearly shows that such things happen due to over-population and lack/inadequacy of infrastructure. Everywhere in India, we notice the same thing. Overcrowded bus, overcrowded train, boats carrying more passenger than the capacity. Controlling the population and throwing out the illegal settlers in the country is one part of the solution. The other part is rapid development of expenditure in every front, in every region.

    But the solution is not very easy to implement. However, strong political will and nationalistic feeling can do wonders.

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