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    Fear does not allow us to take the right decisions - Do you agree?

    Due to fear we can't think properly and it will in turn affect our decisions. We might not be able to take the right decision at the right time. This occurs especially in the case of natural calamities. These are unexpected things and we will be in fear and might end up losing our lives as we did not take the right decision at the right time.

    Recently earthquake has hit Iran-Iraq border and Japan. God forbid, if something like that happens, will we able to stay wise and overcome our fear? I doubt it. In a hurry we might do something but might not be in a state to think and take a decision. How do we overcome our fear during such situations. Members, please shed some light.
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    Fear is only a negative feeling in our minds. In whatever situation we are we should always have a positive attitude. To a certain extent we might not be able to take right decision.In unexpected situations we do tend to take wrong decisions....but these wrong decisions make us stronger for the future .

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    Yes human beings are always handicapped by fear phobia and that is present ample in young ones and elders too. But many are terrified with the happenings out of natural calamities and are never ready with any preparations. At times when the government and the weather department itself does not know the impending disaster , then how come general public would know and be prepared. But never the one should be lazy and wait for government arrangement or rehab. By the word of alert being spread through mouth , the locals would get prepared to leave the place at once leaving the properties to natures fury.
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    Yes, many of us fear to take decisions and in somebody they avoid to come to decision making due to fear. But fearing to take decisions should be avoided rather thinking once more before taking decisions.

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    When you are in deep trouble your mind will be completely concentrating on the ways and means to overcome that problem. At that particular moment of time your complete thinking will be how to get saved. Those times no fear will come to our mind. We will definitely try to find a way to come out . Only we will be surrounded by fears when you are not in deep trouble and when you have a chance of avoiding that situation. I don't know how to swim. But when I was thrown out into the water I don't want to die. I was already in water . Now I can't do anything if I start fearing about water and depth. I have to try my best to come out of that water. So I will start searching for ways and means which will come in handy to comes out of the woods. So you will try to catch hold of a stick or some devise which will help you to float on the waster. In Babubali ,the beginning Ramakrishnan was in water. She tried her best to save th3vchild but not to save herself. There were no signs of fear to her.
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    When faced with a sudden imminent threat to our lives, we tend to be stunned for a few minutes (paralyzed by fear), then our response kicks in and we do what we think is the best or follow others around us.Such events create an acute stress response wherein people panic initially and would be unable to think rationally. You've seen animals facing each other in a fight or a hunt, some stand their ground and some runoff.This is the flight or flight response that is seen in humans and animals. People who are bold and have faced though situations are able to think and react more calmly than someone who has never faced a challenging situation. Overcoming fear is a vast subject, in simple terms it includes the gradual introduction of the subject to the event or object that causes fear and understanding more about it.Hope it doesn't happen, in the event of earthquakes, people in Japan would be better in organizing themselves and coming out of these situations than us.

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    Can we consider all actions taken under occasions such as natural calamities are due to fear. It will be the occasions which demand it. There will not be any other alternative to replace fear. Risk will be a factor which very often takes the form of fear. A risk always has two sides as in the case of a coin, either win or loose.

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    Whenever we want to learn or experience something new it is the'Fear Factor' that stops us from proceeding further. I remember when I was in college during one of our college trips we were taken to water sports where during one of the joy rides while getting down to the pool from the ride I happened to drown myself. Since I did not know swimming I was struggling to help myself to come up when suddenly my friend pulled me out. Since then I have this water phobia and have been reluctant to even enter the pool casually. Its only in the recent past that I graduated into getting inside the pool but will stay put. Many people suggested I take up swimming classes so that I over come this fear but it has been existing in my bucket list for long.

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    Fear does cause one to behave without thinking. It seems more people die out of fear than other causes. Fear of heart attack (remember those ads that warn you about 5 signs you are about to get one?), fear of this and fear of that etc. More people die of fear from snake bite than the poison itself. Maybe if they didn't panic, they'd have thought of some corrective actions in quickly to minimize the venom spreading or something else. In the analysis of the Japan Fukushima quake + tsunami I read that just over half of deaths were caused by panic stricken reactions. When a stampede happens, it is because of fear and wanting to get out that place too fast in panic.

    Antidote to fear is faith – faith in God. He has not given us the spirit of fear but he has given us power and love and a sound mind. We just need to put those things to good use. If you are able to trust the Creator, then there is no need to fear or worry – he will take care of you through and in spite of the disaster or make a way to dodge it. Either way, you are safe. Faith comes from hearing the word of God.

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    It could be an anecdote, I heard it from my elders when they were talking. Though not sure of its authenticity, I tried searching for this news but couldn't find it, so if it's true it might have spread by word of mouth. But below story can definitely be taken as an anecdote.

    Once a company decided to make the largest fridge of its time, so large that a human could easily fit into it. It was constructed and all the wiring were done and the fridge was plugged.

    One of the workman when no-one was around decided to check the interior of the fridge and got inside. While he was still inside and inspecting, the door of the fridge got closed accidently. The man turned around frantically and tried his best to push it open but failed to do so. Finally he gave up, he cried for help but no-one could hear his voice. Everyone from the company left and this man was left inside. He started to shiver slowly due to the cold. Unfortunately, by morning, he froze to death. When people came and saw him inside frozen, they couldn't understand how it was possible, because the fridge though plugged was not on. So, they didn't understand how the man froze to death. Some say he imagined the cold and fear encaptured him which led him to the death.

    From this story, which could be true or not, I understand that fear can paralyze one's mind, your mind will not be able to think rationally as your system goes into panic mode. Most of the time we lead ourselves to the doom because of the fear.

    I agree with Bala that "Antidote to fear is faith – faith in God. He has not given us the spirit of fear but he has given us power and love and a sound mind. "

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