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    Even educated people seen preparing and selling Handi Vegetable Biryani on road sides ?

    In Hyderabad people are not having to time to cook during the evenings as they invariably reach the home in late hours. So having sensed this weakness, some educated youth of both male and female are preparing famous Hyderabad Biryani in vegetable format and selling them in the foiled pack and the business seems to be picking up as within one hour the entire 20 kg brought would be sold and they earn the profit within no time. The taste is good, the hygiene is maintained and better priced than hotels. That is the real take.
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    Believe me or not, today morning, I just thought about starting a small hotel to sell lunch at Rs 30 per plate(full meal to satisfy) Profit is not my motive, but service to the public, and for self satisfaction.
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    Good food for thought Sun. If you can satisfy some one with stomach full of food for just thirty rupees , you would get lots of blessings and regular customers.
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    There is no harm in selling food by the educated people. I am sure when they prepare to sell on a roadside at cheaper rates they must be keeping in mind the hygeine factor. This will get them more clients. With increasing costs day by day we need such people to come forward and render such services .

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    I don't see anything wrong in selling food by educated youth. Only way or other to earn their livelyhood by a good means. Dignity of labour. Another advantage is they will have a better understanding about the heath requirements and hygienic factors. So taking food from them is good. In Hyderabad there are many curry points. In those points curries , sambar and Ramam will be sold. These days I am seeing some shops where ready mixes of idly,vada and dosa are being sold. In some shops half cooked chapathis are also being sold. We can purchase curry and this half cooked chapathi for night dinner. Slowly in Hyderabad western culture is coming. Ready cooked foods eating is becoming very common now. Recently in another concept is developed where mobile restaurants. In open van they bring the food and make it stand in a Center and start making these and sell. They are also making good business. My observation is in Hyderabad for a person who never bothers about status there are plenty of ways to earn. A real good city.
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    Although it is unusual, but it is really a good trend. I whole-heartedly welcome this trend. It is much better than remaining unemployed or to be under-employed. Some time ago I read that an IIM student, after completion of his PG Diploma, opened a food hub and he has become very successful in this venture.
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    Glad to hear that educated youth are doing something good to earn their living rather than wasting their time. Yes, we are going through a phase where takeaways are being more accepted as part of daily life. For various reasons of lack of time, a working couple, an easy way out after a tiring day, many people order takeaways or bring home packed dinner for all. It's not that bad if there are no other good options and you don't have the family to help and do not have the resources to hire a cook/maid. The present trend of roadside eateries has changed from the dirty little old pushcarts to clean, shiny food vans wherein everything is hygienically cooked and neatly packed for an affordable price. In fact, there are many who regularly eat outside on their way home instead of taking the trouble of a home-cooked meal. We have a takeaway once in 10 days or two weeks, it does give a little rest to the mothers at home.

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