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    "Half-truths are more dangerous than lies."

    Many people lie to save themselves from uncomfortable situations. Some of them are chronic liars. It is not possible to believe them even if they are telling the truth. Half-truths are only partially true and mostly used to mislead the people deliberately. There are many people who tell half-truths only. Their main purpose is to divert from the truth and create a state of confusion. It is very difficult to lie and get away with it. A lie can be detected easily but not the half-truths. There are incidents of winning wars by telling half-truths. Some people use half-truths to get upper hand in arguments and sway the opinion of the others. Members, what is your say in this regard?
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    An excellent thread from Mr. KVRR. He has explained in details the importance (!) of half-truths. So far as winning war by speaking half-truth is concerned, the example has been provided by Yudhisthir in the Mahabharata, when he uttered: "Ashwathama hatah iti gajah'' causing death of Dronacharya of the Kaurava camp.
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    I agree with you that half-truths are very dangerous because the person who spoke them has a point in their self-defense that they told the truth if they ever get confronted in future for their lies.
    It makes the listener vulnerable because whether he believes or not both situations will be bad for him.
    We should always be aware of such people who lie to our face even when we recognize what they are doing they keep lying because it has become their habit.

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    Yes, half truths are dangerous. That is because pure lies can be found out immediately by some smart and alert people. The lie will be ultimately found out by all ultimately and it becomes exposed.

    However half truth is like water mixed with pure milk or pure coffee mixed with chicory. For all practical purpose it will appear as milk. Only the rel experts and connoisseurs can know the difference. Unless the maker discloses one know how much is the falsehood and how much is the truth. Generally it passes on as genuine unless someone specifically dedicates himself and works focused to expose it .

    Half truths are mostly use by people deliberately to mislead the innocent and naive to get some selfish benefits.Half truths are generated and fabricated by some to tarnish and destroy some specified target. While full lies re acute,they can have effective cure. But half truths are chronic. and many times they would have done deep damage so that cure may not be possible at all.

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    Some times the persons would know the facts as they might have gone through it or made known by others, but in the course of time they might have forgotten half and revealed half. In this case we cannot brand that person who revealed half truth has bad and dangerous. And in this age of internet , every thing is made known on the finger tips and one need not wait for others confirmation or authenticity. Nevertheless, revealing half is not liked by others and they want full information and in fact further more clarification so that they can stoop into the act. However hooligans take the advantage of innocent people and bother them with half truths.
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    The telling of half-truth is a deliberate act to mislead people. It is an art. There is nothing to do with forgetting half of the matter. These half-truth tellers are more dangerous because there is a hint of truth in what they are saying and misleading and confusing the people.

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    Half truths are a common practice in many workplaces, especially if people have to be kept out of the loop or kept in the dark about a particular issue. Half truths are like part statements that can easily be verified, but it also makes the other person wonder about the various permutations and combinations of the entire statements.Unfortunately this is done in many workplaces especially when they have to deal with a fallout, a fall in revenue, an imminent downsizing or a negative report being sent up the chain of command. People would just stick to general data that is true but has no huge impact in comparison to the important hidden part. Even in media reports or newspapers often part of the real story is give out deliberately to keep the news alive for a few days.
    People who are friendly at work but are basically office snitches who have the ears of the supervisors or the boss are very good examples of such people who live on half truths and unfortunately portray a wrong picture of an innocent colleague. For instance, if someone is sick and going through a difficult time and hence unable to work to the full extent for a few days, the message to the boss would be that he/she is not productive, they would conveniently forget to mention the real reason behind. There would be many such examples that we can recollect.Yes half truths are more dangerous as they harm relations and even destroy careers or relationships.

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