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    People with this magnificent art- Makes you do things you never imagined you will do.

    We often come across people who have this art, this amazing art of persuasion. They make you do things you never imagined you will do whether negative or positive. They will make you work according to them which you often regret.
    They often commit mistakes but never admit instead make the person in front guilty ( who actually suffered because of their mistake). You will find people with this amazing art once in your life. They will show utter selfishness in various matters and in the last will call you selfish.
    Do you admire such people or despise them?
    Do you stay close to them or stay alert around them?
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    Yes it is the fact that influence of outside force on our life is more than what we think. Some people who judge us closely do pick up our finest behavior and induce us to accept such assignments to which we are averse and wont even like. But still they insist and also instill confidence in us to move further and accept the challenge. In the process some times we may succeed but many a time we fail , because we have accepted the task by force and not by liking , so our performance do goes hay ware and disturbs other routines. That is why we should not accept any thing which is beyond our ability and imagination.
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    Why should we admire a person who makes us a scapegoat for his mistakes? First of all, we should avoid such people in our life. We should not go near to them nor we should not allow them to come near. We should 100% avoid them. But unfortunately, those people will shine more than the people who are sincere to the core. I have seen a manager of a company who directly talks to the Managing Director of the company. Any issue which went off well he will convey as if the total affair was managed by him and his involvement only brought the success,
    If there is any failure he will attribute it to a person who never talks to MD. So in the thoughts of MD the manager is good and the other person is bad. This type of people will ruin the progress of individuals as well as the company. But unfortunately, they will be in limelight for sometime.

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    Ms. Neelam we can find a lot of people around us who have this so called Art. Though I would personally never admire such people it so happens that we may have to put up with them out of force. We cannot totally avoid such people but can limit ourselves from getting close to them. The more one wants to avoid such people the more one thinks of that person.its not worth it I feel. Instead we just need to ignore them and move on. Ofcourse it is very difficult to digest such people in our life and we must understand that there are better things in our life than to think about such people cause for all you know you may feel relieved for having avoided one person but there may be a lot more out there with such attitude that we can't keep avoiding each and every person in our life. I am narrating this out of my personal experience.Earlier I used to be a lot more sensitive when I get to encounter such situations but now I totally look at it in a different perspective. Ignorance is bliss!

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    A nice thread with a good use of sarcasm. I would say we should admire then not for their values but for the way in which they have evolved to be successful, to take credit for somebody else's work, to pass the blame to the others whose only fault is being with them. To have had the qualities that would influence or mislead common people for their own selfish reasons. It is because of these people that you say Thank Gold! I'm not like this person. We have to thank our families for taking care that we did not grow up to be like one of them. It is because of such people that you realise your worth and you realise who naive you are and how easily you can be taken for a ride.
    There are many such people among work colleagues,among a large group of socially linked people. Your second question, Yes stay close to them as you cannot move around or avoid them all the time and you can learn more. Yes be alert and watch what you say and learn the art of saying no politely. These are interesting chances in life to learn and mature as we go along. No book or course will teach us as good as some of our amazing human examples of how not to be.

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    Once I understand the true nature of such persons, I would try to stay away from there diplomatically. It is also dangerous to openly counter them, because they can be scheming and can create trouble to us. However they get exposed in due course and lose their friends and sympathisers one by one. Only those who are like them stick with them, and that also for their own selfish ends.

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