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    How did you overcome your stage fear?

    Some people have stage fear and because of that they will not be recognized even if thet have got the talents in them. Only if you perform in front of the audience, the crowd will come to know about your talents. Getting an opportunity to be in the stage is a blessing as you are getting a chance to showcase your talents.

    For some people even though they had the fear initially, but where able to overcome it later. But some fail and will stick on to the fear whole their life. Such people cannot taste success. It is true that if we decide we can change our destiny.

    Members, share your experiences, especially if you had stage fear and have overcome it. How did you manage to overcome it? It will be a lesson to others.
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    Alas! I have not overcome my stage fear. I am a totally hopeless case in this regard. No matter how much guidance have I received, my performance in public platform continues to be dismal. I can't even speak three to four sentences before the audience; to perform before the audience is totally unthinkable.
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    I too have stage fear or in fact when the crowd is more in number I get nervous at times. Then I will not have control over me and might be doing something just to escape from the scene. Let us wait for the response of those members who have successfully overcome the fear in them.
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    Initial one or two minutes we will have a little hesitation. But once we overcome that starting problem we will be through. Initially when we have a chance to speak from a stage we will feel shy or we will have fear. So it is better if we practice in the house by asking our house members or friends and start speaking there we will get conversant with the subject. Then when we go on to the stage try to focus on your subject instead of seeing at the audience.Then you will get settled. After that you can start looking at the audience and speaking to the, in between will keep you busy and you will forget about feat.These technology days addressing a gathering has become much easy with power point presentations and overhead projectors. Everything you want to speak will be there on the screen, the audience also will pay attention to the words on the screen rather than what you are speaking. But you should not lose track of what is there on the ppt and what you are speaking and both should be in line. Then you need not worry and you will excel in your speech.
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    What I think that those who are extrovert right from the childhood and wont sulk in front of others even during their bad and passing time, they wont have the stage fear at all. By the way why should one have the stage fear. If the person asked to come on stage , it must be accepted with grace. Mind it , your confidence and the knowledge you posses has impressed the organizers to call you on stage, and in that connection why should you fear and get with drawn ? Accept the invitation with confidence and talk what ever topic assigned to you with much interest and without flaws. That's all you are the winner.
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    I still retain a little bit of state anxiety. Not because I'm afraid but I'm generally very anxious. I stutter a bit. But then, I make a joke.
    Audience laugh and I regain my confidence.
    Keep doing embarassing things in life. That'll help you boost your confidence on stage.

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    This thread has reminded me my early childhood when I was in class IV or V in a Mission School. We all were asked to give stage presentations like a short dance or reciting a poem etc. Very few of us agreed to the teacher and I do not remember whether I agreed or not but my name was given for reciting a poem. This was mentioned in my home work and when my father saw this he became very happy and started my rehearsals in the house as there were few days left for the stage performance day.

    A small poem was given to me and after 2-3 days I was able to recite it with gestures by my hands and head. It looked impressive and my father told me to perform it in the school boldly.

    The day came and we the performers were asked to sit just near the stage on the front area and the school students were occupying the seats in back and the big hall was full of students and teachers.

    The performers one by one were called and a few performed nicely while the majority of them were poorly performing.

    Anyway when my turn came, remember it was my first stage performance, I went to she stage with firm steps and as soon as I turned my face towards the audience I realized that a big crowd is seeing towards me and I was at the focus of everybody. I do not what happened to me that I was almost paralyzed and my limbs were suddenly very weak and started a bit trembling. With great efforts I started the first line and by the time I reached half of it I was covered with great fear and then forgot the poem also. A few seconds later I found myself sobbing and felt that a teacher took me to back at my place and consoled me for some time.

    That day I came to know about my boldness and ability to present my talents to the crowd.

    I do not remember how slowly with time those inhibitions were got over and when I was in my intermediate school I started participating in group discussions and debates and later of course I was recruited as a teacher in a school for 3 years teaching the students 3-4 classes per day.

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    Start talking practice in front of the mirror with different mood and styles with able body language. Now you are going to like yourself and that confidence is enough to go to stage and perform without error.
    K Mohan
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    Excellent thread, some kids and adults take to the stage spontaneously, some cannot even utter a few words in the beginning. It is the fear of the unknown like a bathroom singer being asked to perform before an audience, here when we are alone or with family whom we know, we don't mind, we express ourselves very well. We have an assurance that either family members won't say anything bad or even if they say something, it's Ok. This changes when we face a new audience, in fact, this is one of the reasons that many candidates with all the knowledge cannot perform well in a viva exams.
    I remember during post graduation days, having a podium presentation and standing on the stage taking questions was mandatory. It would be very scary to face strangers and seniors asking questions.We had good teachers who encouraged us to first prepare the subject well,keep it simple, speak slowly and clearly to begin with, do not rush through the presentation. When standing on the stage, instead on focus on one or two whom we know, focus on the general audience without holding sustained eye contact helps a lot. Practicing in front of the mirror and infront of colleagues helps too. After a couple of presentations,it becomes easy, it like a few stammering words and in a couple of minutes we hit the rhythm and start performing.
    Trying to focus on too much of matter should be avoided initially, developing a skill to speak from cue words is a useful trick as we can make up the sentences as soon as we see or imagine the cue words.You can start by having small cue cards rather than writing down the whole presentation and opening in on the podium to refer. If you miss a particular sentence or fact, there is no need to get stuck and stop suddenly, just skip by mentioning that, the fact escapes my mind, moving on to the next point makes us get over this. Similar tips would be there for singing,dancing and playing instruments.

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