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    Prank calls in trend

    Prank calls are in trend. Your friends or family try to make your special day even more special by giving a prank call or they arrange people to play prank on you. Do you enjoy such pranks and are you able to take it in the same spirit?

    In a radio station I often hear prank calls made on people on the basis of request from their friends or spouse on their birthdays or anniversaries. The idea and the plot is awesome at times. Some people without knowing that they are on air, and believing the prank, will start to shout at the RJ. The whole world is listening to them. At last when they know it is a prank, some people laugh it off but some gets pissed off and will disconnect the call.

    Have you ever received such a call? If ever you have to face such a situation how would you react? Do you like people fooling you for fun?
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    No. I never received such calls. Personally, I don't like these acts. I want to be away from these situations. I never drag anybody into such situations. These days it has become a common issue to fool others for fun. But many people like to fool others but they never want to get fooled. That is not at all a right thinking. The distance between two houses is same from either side. This should be always kept in mind. Otherwise, we will be facing very odd situations in the course of our life. So learn to take the words of others lightly if you also use similar words on others. Otherwise please be away from such situations. This will be a better approach always.
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    I regularly receive wrong phone calls, but these are not prank calls. Many people dial our landline number thinking this is the number of Apollo Hospital (most probably they interchange two/three digits). Even we receive calls at mid-nights. But definitely these are not prank-calls. Nowadays, with the strengthening of tracking device, the number of prank calls has considerably reduced (at least in Delhi and in Kolkata).

    However, in FM radio, prank calls are enjoyed by the listeners (but most probably such calls and responses are pre-rehearsed).

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    It is normal on the television to fool others on the lines of Laughing gags. But on FM radio it is the first time I am coming across the prank calls. Normally we wont attend calls from unknown numbers as every important number is guarded with names and unknown numbers are not cared or attended. And the reaction of the receiver is but natural when he gets calls from unknown persons teasing in a way and then revealing it is from radio station. But foul language during the dual has been recorded and the damage is done. I wont like such prank calls which belittle the prestige of a person for no reason.
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    So far not a victim. But yes there are many prank calls and televised programs wherein the unsuspecting person is needled or fooled into showing their emotions, surprise, fear, shock, anger.Such pranks or fun at the expense of somebody else is acceptable among friends but not by a complete stranger. I feel, its a disgusting way of making money or earn a living. It is an invasion of a persons personal space and privacy. What makes the host take it for granted that he or she can make fun, have a laugh and then say that you are live or being recorded. Some may laugh it off, but some really get annoyed and take the host to task. These are common in western countries, where the host makes elaborate arrangements to trick the common people on the street or shops and record their reactions. Many accept it, some go to the extent of hitting the person playing the prank. I would have a stern exchange of words and walk off.

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    There are different type of people in this world. Responses differ based on the type of jokes they crack on the radio. It is really surprising, seeing how people behave. Some of the jokes are impossible to handle. I think the radio jockeys should make fun but keep in mind people's response to it as well.
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