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    Those who likes FM radio, they are forced to listen advertisements more and less songs ?

    Invariably we are seeing people having their head phones as they are enjoying the songs from the library of their cell phones or just listening to FM radio. What I have observed that most of the FM radio stations are now flooded with local ads and they have become so greedy that norms stipulated by Prasar Bharathi has been not followed and the listeners are forced to listen to ads being aired for many minutes before song is played. In a half an hour of time, hardly two songs are played. Do you agree ?
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    This is also a business only. FM radio wants to make some profit. So they have to get more advertisements. Then only they will get money for their maintenance and continuation. If there are no advertisements, no money. Then how to manage? So they will give more importance for advertisements. It is nothing surprising or unexpected. Even in TVs if you see for every ten minutes you will be getting minimum 3 minutes advertisements. So we have to go with that. What we can do is changing the station. If the advertisement is coming in one station go to another station. Then you can avoid advertisements and enjoy more songs. This method we can also follow in TV channels also. Change the channel to avoid advertisements. This is the only way to avoid advertisements and hear more songs.A movie of 2hours 30 minutes will be telecasted for 4 hours on TV channel. That means almost 1.30 hrs is for advertisements. No way we can stop it.
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    Normally in each serial being shown on television , we are viewing only 22 minutes of the content and rest 8 minutes goes for ads in different brakes.
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    This is an established practice now in all forms of public media and entertainment be it Television (sports, movies, serials) or radio (FM, local channels). There are some many channels that they fight for viewership and survival. Everyone wants to make a profit, the best way is to sneak in advertisements. Once upon a time, watching a one day international was a joy, now after every few balls, or fall of wicket the screen quickly changes to an advertisement.Similar things happen on the radio too, companies pay good amounts for ads and it's an easy way to earn and pay the money for running the radio station. This is what happens when there are too many players in a limited field.Even the volume of the ad will be high. If they shut down a few stations and maintain basic ones it will be good. Nobody bothers about any regulations for these broadcasts.

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    I agree sir, this is the case in almost every radio station, they would play more of ads rather the songs. I am a big fan of music, and I like that there should always be some background music played in my cab. But these stupid ads consume most of the time and we keep waiting for the song to come. But now, there is this one radio station 104.8, it plays 70% fewer ads than all the radio stations. It is a nice radio station and I listen to it most of the time. You can try it sir.
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    Advertising is an unavoidable part of trade and commerce. It was there in earlier times also. The first movie(cinema) I recall seeing was a 'soap cinema'. That was shown as a promotion for a bath soap, and projected on a screen hung at the back end of a small van. The projector I think was of 16 mm projector and the screen was not big as we see in the theatres. All other advertisements for circus, cinema or some sports event like "Gusti" were done using a bullock cart and drums and using handheld loud speakers.
    By changing times advertisements also changed using new technologies and medium.

    I liked the Vividh Bharati- Commercial broadcasting of All India Radio- just for its advertisements. That was on the lines of Radio Ceylon then. Those advertisements were really attractive with their jingles and we even remember them. Examples are ' Tandurusti ki raksha karat hai Lifebuoy; Lifebuoy hai jahaan tandurusti hai vahaan" or 'Bring on the sunshine and laughter, drink up your Buornvita' etc. Another advertisement that captivated the listeners was of Nirma-.."doot si safedi nirma se aayi.. sabki pasand Nirma.."

    Then TV channels took over and there was an overdose of advertisement.

    With the reincarnation of radio as FM advertisement also came back in audio medium. Even now some of them are captivating. I sometimes feel that many advertisements are far better than the songs aired.
    In those times also there were some advertisements which made us cringe in embarrassment when the whole family was listening ,especially the ones advertising condoms or family planning.

    Many of the slogans for Government's important schemes were popularise by radio only.

    In the present day, we cannot escape from advertisement in anyway. It conquers all our physical and virtual space, and our time . However, I think that ads in radio are lesser invasive than ads in TV channels. The former subjugates our audio sense organ while the latter takes both audio & visual sense.

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