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    I have a query. How is TOW selected?

    I don't understand how a forum query is raised to the topic of the week.
    Because I don't think one can quantify and rank queries.
    Forum posts give rise to discussion right? So is it the discussion that is monitored or the quality of the thread? If it is the quality of the thread, is it the language used or the content?
    And I noticed that most TOW award winners post about general issues. That is good because everyone can participate in that case.
    I have too many questions.
    One more question too. We often see some emoji kind of things in the side of a thread .
    Sometimes these emoticons are in GIF.
    How do threads get their emoticons?

    Note: I'm asking these queries because I need to improve my content.
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    As per my knowledge goes , the TOW is selected as per the good content, nice heading and over all many visits by the net users to the thread make it popular and thus earns revenue which is parted with the author and thus declared as the TOW of the week. Editors of this site are authorized to add emoticons to the threads raised by the members so as to give extra attention for the net users to read and append their comments. But what I invariably noticed that when ever our Managing Editor sees a good thread, she immediately gives a emoticon and also gives cash credit to that thread.
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    Are you asking about the criteria for TOW selection? This will be based on the relevance of the matter to the topic, the head, the way in which the matter is dealt, the English and spellings. I don't know how the editors decide in this channel, but the general matters which will be checked for deciding the best. Probably here also they may be following the same methodology here.
    Then comes the popularity. More discussions and more views may give a better chance to win the award. Emoticons are being added bt the Editors if they feel that that particular thread requires more further attention.

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    The Thread of the week, based on what I understand should be clear, the title should be precise and the thread should convey the meaning of the title.The subject itself should be related to qualities of a good human being, battling social and religious misconceptions.Usually good post that reaches or qualifies for the TOW usually has an extra award of cash credits. Such threads also have many replies and fruitful discussions. Excellent creative threads also have a good chance of being the TOW.

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