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    Must parents in India be more open towards their younger generation?

    Should parents be more open on certain issues & discuss these with the younger family members? Share your opinions in this thread.

    Indian society is conservative socially and modern economically. In many family discussing certain issues is still a taboo within family. Some of these things are common issues dealing with relationships to expression of feelings. In olden days as Joint family economic structure was present, there will be persons other than parents like uncle, aunt, cousin etc. to guide in many issues which may be not appropriate to talk with parents. But in increasing Nuclearisation of family structure. the only hope is internet, friends. Sometimes the guidance may be wrong. So in this situation parents must come out of social stigma to some extent and discuss certain issues which may not have been appropriate previously.
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    These days there are no such restrictions that we can't discuss this issue with elders and that can be done like that. As expressed by the author olden days the families are combined and there are many people in the family. That is why some points were not discussed in common. Those days many of the children used to have a fear of the father and they were not able to talk to the father directly even for very small issues also. So they always take the root through the mother. These days the situation is changed. The families are nuclear families. so children will generally, not worry to ask anything and never hesitate to talk all about all matters openly. I think There is a pretty good change. Further change will also definitely take place.
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    In Tamil there is a saying that if the boy or the girl comes to the height of mother or the father's shoulder, that means they are now going to assert their choices and preferences to which parents has to bow and agree. This is happening in every home where the boy and girl are just having two years difference of age. The education, the social gathering and above all the friends make them to seek and lead their own life without parents intervention. And once the job in hand , most of the decision making are left to the children and the parents become mute spectators of happening in the home.
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    "..there will be persons other than parents like uncle, aunt, cousin etc. to guide in many issues which may be not appropriate to talk with parents. "- I agree to this fact. But like that in every other matter s also we have seen changes and are facing those challenges by resorting to alternate solutions.

    Unfortunately today even some parents also are not sufficiently mature or experienced to be of good guidance and lead to the children. But we have a lot of doctors and counsellors who can professionally give help and guidance to the children. There are various other opportunities for children to be in their peer group like holiday classes, vacation camps, etc. These should be effectively use to impart useful lessons and guidance for practical life.
    Even the earlier text books used to have teachings and lessons given in a subtle way . The lesson is learnt by children from the comparisons of different characters or by represented by animals and birds. This method can be used even now also. Now there are additional facilities of digital world. Children had to be familiarised with nature by taking them to different places either on school excursions and study tour. There can be film shows enabling such good guidance and doubt clarifications.

    Where there is will, there is way. Parents themselves have to be the practical real life examples taking care to say and do only whatever is right and imitable. Children learn a lot by seeing and imitating parents.

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    In many families, children know the problems, parents know that children are facing it but the way we have been brought up prevents it.Hence such subjects that are shunned or not open for discussion at homes increases curiosity and the chances of the children trying to find other means. What they learn via other means will not be conveyed to the parents. Having seen schools and family life in India and abroad, the subject of sex education, death, divorce, grief and the changes happening at puberty are never discussed at the appropriate age. Similarly, alcohol consumption becomes a taboo and when teenagers go to a party, they are tempted to try out and hide the fact from parents. It is the time that families and schools change the way these topics are approached.

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    It is needed in today's time. If parents won't be speaking clearly, children will not be able to share their thoughts and opinions to their parents, that could result in the separation of thinking and ultimately weak bonding. Children today think from a very broad perspective, they could even say and opine anything, which the parents do not consider good. Due to this type of issue, a child could hide a lot of many stuff from their parents, and they could even take wrong directions. Discussing relationships, people, how to deal with every situation, how to deal with people. There are a lot of things which is different in us the way our parents had it and they followed it. Parents will have to be open in conversations with their children, be it on any topic , especially the time of teenage is considered crucial, and that should be dealt with utmost love and care and understanding.
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