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    Looking natural and good is in our hands. Will you change your looks at the instance of others ?

    Now a days many hair style salons have come up with modern facilities and feel good factor of service particularly attracting the youth. Once a person has gone through the process of total make over, surely he would be noticed and inquired by the friends about his total change over looks. Some times the same friend would advise us to try once the new hair style at that particular salon and thus we are ready to forgo our natural and good looks already had. Have you ever done this great mistake ?
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    I don't think changing your hairstyle or your hair colour is a great mistake. Some people like change. I myself get tired of looking at the same person in the mirror every day. So, every couple of years, I cut my hair short, add some novelty in my life. It's not always about change, though. For some, their looks are an expression of how they feel inside. There's a lot going on in their minds and they want their hair, make-up, and clothes to reflect it all. I respect that.

    That being said, changing your God given body, like getting a nose job or a lip job, is... well, it's not wrong but it's not entirely right either. That still doesn't give us the right to judge their choices or call their new look a mistake. It hardly matters if they do it to impress others as long they are happy with how they look.

    You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

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    So far no, I get the simple scissors hair cut.We cna't blame today's youth becausethey have their idols whom they want to emmulate, be it a famous film star or a sportsperson. Every megahit movie pays a lot of attention to the lead actors haristyle, sometimes a salt and pepper look (Ajith), a pony tail and a big beard, a big handle bar mustache (singam style). These are very sportive and gives a sense of satisfication for the fans of these public figures.It's a phase when youngsters grow to become men. We went thorough a phase of having posters of our fiml heroes or collecting movie stickers and wearing their favorite dress styles.Anything that's not permanent and does not harm can be imitated for a few years before other responsibilties come in.
    What is not good is for the sake of imitating the celebrities and actors, people undergo intense body building, take steroids, spend large sums of money which they can't or even undergo minor surgery. This should be avoided because it harms the person's health and finances that is not worthwhile in the long run.

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    We have to live for happiness. We have to feel happy when we see ourselves in a mirror. The people around us should not think that we are are overdoing our presentation. With in this limits what ever way we want we can change our looks. Our look should be as per our age. A sixty year person should not try to look like a30 years person. At the same time a 30 years person also should not appear like a 50 year old person. When we are in our teenage we will have so many thoughts about our future, we will always wants to be in the limelight. We feel that we should get the attraction of many persons. In that thinking we try to follow our favourite hero. But as we grow we will be back into the reality and we will understand what is important and want is not important. Accordingly we will think of making our looks pretty well as per our age and personality.
    always confident

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