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    Are Annual maintenance contracts (AMC) really useful?

    At home, we have annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for the Hob and Chimney in the kitchen, water filter, washing machine etc since two years. But apart from the service, everything seems OK. We had to add a hard water softener attachment last week for the washing machine, the agent promptly said,sir this is excluded from the discount as mentioned in AMC. We also have an AMC for two wheeler but apart from washing and the oil change with 10% discount, we've not seen much benefit.

    So are AMCs just cashing in on our psychology that it is good? Is is worthwhile to take these AMCs or is it just another product to make money? Has anyone had a genuine benefit from AMC for home appliances or vehicle maintenance.
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    What I understand that by entering into Annual Maintenance Contract, we are subject to visit that service center only or the company person would come as home visit. Normally standard brands does not have any problem during warranty or guarantee period and thus the service person makes a courtesy visit much to our delight and nothing more. Actual problem starts when the AMC is over the the system gets into repair. Though the representative would come, he shall charge for the visit, the replacement of parts and also seek for renewal of Maintenance contract again.
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    Annual Maintenance contract is different and warranty period is different.When there is a warranty period there in no necessity of AMC. Any problem the supplier will send the company representative and do the needful. But once your warranty is over, the supplier will not have any responsibility for service. Then they offer this Annual Maintenance Contract. We can take this AMC from the same company or there will be service providers from whom we can take the service. Once we take the AMC we need not pay for per visit. The payment will be done as per the contract. In that AMcthey will mention how many brakedown visits and how many preventive calls will be prescribed in the contract.
    It is worth to take AMC for household articles like TVs etc so that they will go bad all of a sudden and the engineer will be available on call. Overall if you calculate AMC will be cheaper.

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