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    How to increase viewership in Youtube Channel?

    I have started new YouTube channel. I have reached my first goal on 100 Subscriber! Now I want to target 500 Subscribers. So, I need suggestions from you all as to how can I get more attention on YouTube.
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    Youtube is a International video social media through which we are treated with varied kinds of videos from personal to Educational. How to get famous and how to increase the visits of viewers to your channel is solely depend on your content and its presentation. People wants unique contents and useful contents. People like tutorial type of stuff shown with the understandable visual presentation. If you can ensure the above quality, then there wont be any dearth for the regular and new visitors to your Youtube Channel. Many youths in Hyderabad are producing short films with their own cell phone video by having cooperation of able minded friends and thus creating great awareness in the Youtube social media. Such is the craze and acceptance of the video, that some visitors are giving their own feed back for future videos to be shot.
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    Accept my congratulations for achieving your first goal of 100 subscribers. To get more subscribers, you have to post more videos on your channel and the quality of the video should be very good. The topic on which you are trying should be interesting to a person who visits this channel. You can post as many numbers as possible. That will give you a better chance of getting more subscribers, But you should see that the topic of the video is interesting and it should attract the visitors. If you take care of that part I think you can attain your second goal of 500 subscribers. Try your best and I wish you all the best.
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    There are many people competing for the attention of youtube channels. To increase your traffic you have to be consistent, unique and resourceful. Being serious and posting videos with similar predictable formats are not going to be useful. You have to be creative,focus on content and names that will attract the curiosity of the viewers,youngsters who are outgoing and have a narrative style are often more successful. While creating videos and uploading, think as a viewer and not as the creator of the video, then you'll understand what is right or wrong. Choose a funny title or think of catchy phrases. Always remind viewers to subscribe at the end.

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