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    Do some of the males feel jealous of women progress?

    There was a time when our society or rather say the whole civilization was having male dominance as they were bringing food from hunting and fields while women remained in the huts taking care of cooking etc.

    With advent of modern age things changed drastically and women came out of the four walls and started participating in outdoor jobs.

    Today this has lead to dependence on maid servants or servants for house hold chorus as both the husband as well as wife are going out to attend to their jobs.

    Anyway from gender equality considerations this is a welcome change but some people may not be happy with this development as they in their inner heart do not accept the equality or supremacy of female over males.

    Do you believe that there are some people specially males who are not happy and rather say jealous of this women progress.
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    Although according to some Members of ISC I am a misogynist, I feel extremely happy if my wife, daughter and sister achieve something. I feel elated by their success. But it may not be true if I lose any competition to any male or female. I would feel angry if any female colleague (or any male colleague) of mine gets more grading in Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) than me or gets preference over me to attend any prestigious course. However, I don't know whether it is misogyny or professional rivalry.
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    Yes, there are some males who feel jealous on women's progress or achievement. They feel only men can achieve certain things or rather capable of doing those. In some families when the wife earns more than the husband, the husband might not like it, ego issues and inferiority complex works out. But women in general have no issue in husband earning more than them.
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    I would agree to some parts of above response . If a female colleague gets elevation or incentive by her competency and proficiency, I will only appreciate that. But if the person gets it by sheer qualification of gender sympathy, then I will naturally feel uncomfortable. I do not like or appreciate my female members of my own family members also get preference on a general job by the only qualification and sympathy that they are female. In my career I had female bosses and colleagues who were very much competent and efficient and whom I had respect and regard equal to any other competent and efficient male boss or colleague. I also had female bosses /colleagues whose only parameter in preference for that post was their gender. I did not have any sincere regard or reverence to them other than the outward show of protocol.

    Otherwise i do not feel jealous based on gender.

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    It is seen more in specific areas of work wherein if a female colleague climbs up the ladder faster, men (and women) feel jealous to the point of spreading stories and rumors of the lady's achievements.Sometimes these jealous people become troublemakers making the lives of the women more and more difficult at work. At the home front, I don't think such jealousy exists widely, maybe in some cases.It is common for both parties to work and if one the lady succeeds, it's taken as progress and accepted by the families. In the healthcare and corporate sectors, there are many women who are more successful than their male counterparts. As long as the women's progress is genuine and deserving, I don't think people would mind to the point of being jealous.

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    Yes this happen in every sphere of life women have to face men who are comfortable with women working woth them and even help them if they are lagging these men even don't have any problem with women progressing. But once the women gets a grade higher than them or leaves them behind in a continuing race they began to feel jealous and their male chavanism begans to hinder their rational thinking.
    This situation is very well depicted in a bollywood movie "Abhiman" where a male protogonist supporrt his wife progress but once her sucess begans to overshado his. He become jealous this happens in real life also.

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    I think yes there are some males who feel jealous of a woman's progress. They would not want the other lady to learn in any case and will create problems. I have seen people, they would not impart knowledge to the other person, just for the worry that she would go ahead of him. So, yes there are some people like that also.
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    Feeling jealous about others progress is the integral part of the human behavior and if happens to be female, the male gets dejected and even think of resigning from the scene but he wont express it in open fearing back lash from friends and well wishers. This feeling comes because, over the years he might be targeting the promotion which was suddenly got out of his hand and gone to a female. This kind of situation happens in office. Why the awkward feeling because, either too he was working as the colleague with her, and now he has to respect her as immediate boss which does not sync with his thinking level.
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    Many of the human beings will have the quality of Jealousy. A person will feel jealous of the person who is happier than him. A male will feel jealous of the male who is earning more than him. A female will feel jealous of another female who is more beautiful than her. This is natural. But why a male should feel jealous of a female. He need not compare himself with a female. So there is no point in feeling jealous. Only one point strikes me is 30% reservation to ladies. Yes. Many gents may feel jealous of this facility to them. When ladies and gents are equal in all respects why there should be a reservation, somebody may think and may feel jealous. But I don't feel even for that as the female suffered a lot for so many years in this male-dominated society and slowly they are coming out and expanding their wings. So they should have this facility till they become equal numbers to gents in all matters of life.
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