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    Prometheus. The bringer of light.

    According to Greek legends, Prometheus sneaked fire out of Mt. Olympus ( abode of gods) and gave it to humans. He sided Zeus in overthrowing titans. Titans ruled Olympus before Gods. Though Prometheus was titan himself, he aided Zeus in the great war. Thus, Zeus became the ruler of gods and he wielded thunder as his power.
    But his act of sneaking fire made Zeus angry and Zeus punished Prometheus by giving him the worst fate ever.
    My poem depicts the angst.

    "Death will be all you wish for yet you'll be denied.
    You'll be tormented till the end of the time.
    I will fill your life with darkness and despair
    Irony isn't it? Prometheus, the bringer of light.

    Light is a luxury reserved for Gods
    You gave it to humans and thus have sinned
    I will give you the pain of all sorts
    And make you realize what Zeus is made of. "
    Saying these words the Thunder God chained him to a rock.
    Eagles and vultures will now feast on chucks of a God.

    With the first light of the day
    Birds arrive to fetch their prey
    They peck his eyes out and tear his skin
    To reach the soft and tasty organs within
    Yet every night he would regenerate
    Another day he suffers his fate .

    Such was the story of the Bringer of light.
    A story as old as the time itself.
    It is for us feeble humans, Gods he defied
    He still repents for his benevolence.
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    The poem itself a great philosophy to understand. Those who are well versed with the history and the characters mentioned over there, this rendition is the great contribution to understand and thought over.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    excellent presentation of a legend as a thoughtful poem. Reminds me of college days, where in we used to learn English poetry, Adytia, is this similar to a narrative ballad (of course without music)?

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    A very nice poem and nice presentation. The story of the bringer of light. No light no life. So he brought life to all human beings. For that act, he is suffering but he never stopped giving light.
    always confident

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