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    As you sow so you reap have you seen this happen in reality?

    The famous saying " As you sow so you reap" this proves right in many daily life situations but these situations go neglected. But this happens very minute incidents in our neighbouring. One such incident I saw recently one of girls in our hostel used to torcher her room mates through her various activities by throwing child like tantrums, making room messy, putting unwashed utensils here and thwre e.t.c and finally when her roommategot transfered this incident got repeated but now reverse her new roommate torchered her in similar manner as she used to do with her room mate.
    All other girls in the hostel are making jokes about this coincident and its really a hilarious situation to watch from distance but i think this proverb "the title" worked in this situation.
    Have you observed any such situation?
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    Yes what we sow , we reap the same. We think that our acts and behavior are not watched by others. Especially those who want to take vengeance with us would be watching every move and thus when the chance comes they would teach a befitting lesson. This is what happened to the girl in the hostel who behave strangely for the reasons better known to her. One thing sure we cannot show the attitude to others as they would get offended and wait for the proper time to revert back. When we are with people and society, we are bound to follow the rules and system, otherwise getting backfired is for sure.
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    Yes, what we sow, we reap. If we do good we get good, if we do bad we get bad. I have seen it in real life. What we do, what we say return to us. A close friend of mine has much pride in her riches. She always laughs at others. These days she is suffering from heart trouble. One should be shown gratitude towards God for what they have. What we have now, is others after some time. We have not bought anything. So we should be humble and polite. All creations are made by God, then we have no right to laugh at others.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    It is a well known saying. What you get is the result of what you have done. If you plant a banana tree in your house, the tree will give you bananas only but not mangoes. If you want mangoes you have to plant mango seeds. Similarly in our life also we will have good times if we do good to others. This is the moral of this saying. One of my uncles was a sugar patient. Doctor's advised him not to take sweets. But he never cared. Finally, he suffered. This suffering he might have avoided, had he stopped sugar. So he suffered because of his action only. But these days by seeing some people I am thinking whether this may not be the case for very rich people and well-known personalities. Ms Sasikala was jailed. We feel it is a punishment. But if you see actual, she is enjoying a 5-star hotel life in the jail at the cost of government money in other words by making corrupt practices she is allowed to stay in a luxury hotel with the money of the taxpayer, who is paying tax from his hard earned money.
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    In this sea of humanity many of us forget that our deeds good or bad, once committed we will get our dues with interest.Most of us, even if unable to perform good deeds everyday, do not go out of the way to hurt people.Most of such individuals are social misfits or deviants who often would have been subject to similar trauma and once they grow up they take it out on others. Trying to harass or hurt a colleague or people around gives some individuals a cruel sense of satisfaction. But it's just a matter of time before such dishonorable acts come back to bite them in the back. There are many examples of people committing such atrocities and then when least expected, their bad deeds come back to haunt them.
    I've known good people who have been sidelined in social circles by some close friends only for them to suffer the same fate at the hands of others later on. Maybe it's a fact of life or fate that makes the perpetrator suffer the same punishment that he or she once doled out to someone in the past.

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    Yes. As You Sow So Shall You Reap. This is one proverb that I keep reminding myself and my family time and again. Life is an echo, we do good we get goodness in return, similarly do bad and get it back too. We need to be aware that our every thought and action is being watched by the supreme power above us. Exhibit Greed, Jealousy and Selfishness to others and in turn get it back from else where for sure. On the contrary Kindness, Contentment and humbleness brings us joy and happiness and we get it back in return in someway or the other.

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