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    Do you observe this things?

    On every profession or post ER word is used at the end of the word which does not relate with each other like marketer, manager, minister, graphic designer, doctor, lawyer,.. etc.
    Why don't we say doctress(female) and doctor(male) in a similar way that one would actor and actress? I thinks actor word shows the profession like others so we can say actor to both male and female. What is your opinion?
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    Normally for female actor we say actress and when it comes to female doctor , we simply say Dr so and so having the female name. In these days for both male and female actors, the word actor is only used and not used otherwise as sought by you. May be by mentioning as doctor, engineer , marketer , Minister even for female candidates, we are trying to give equal prominence to men and women. And by the way without mentioning the mister or mistress word, the name itself conveys whether he or she is the male or female and thus gender discrimination is also avoided as far as possible.
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    There are many positions and posts without Er at the end. Scientist, Professor, Chemist, Doctor, Inspector, Biologist, geologist. Like this, there are many posts or jobs without Er at the end.
    Coming to mentioning the gender in the profession, I feel it is not required. If you take the example of a lawyer, we will decide which lawyer we will go based on the reputation the lawyer had in the public, success rate and fee structure. But we will never decide based on the gender. So there is no necessity of knowing the gender when you want to take the help of a professional for helping you. So when there is no necessity why should we bother about that. For a doctor their specialisation is important. So we will search for the specialist we are looking for instead of gender-wise.

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    President in Hindi is "Rashtrapati" when Pratibha Patil became president didn't we continue calling her Rashtrapati. So why call a female doctor doctress?

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    It is Rashtrapati and not Rashtrapita when referring to the President of India. Rashtrapita was used for Gandhiji, since he was known as the father of the nation.

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    Sorry for the typo Vandana, My bad. I meant to write "Rashtrapati", thanks for pointing it out. It stands corrected now.

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    There are many professions or titles like musicians,office assistant,nurse etc. Earlier there was a trend to call male movie stars as actor and their female counterparts as actress but now even that is changed. Many titles be it an manager or nurse or officer-in-charge do not convey the meaning that the person sitting at the desk would be a male or female. Many services now have male and female doing the same job, we go the bank, government office, pay our bills, we don't mind seeing a male or a female staff. Sometimes, when it comes to sensitive matters or issues,some people would prefer seeing a professional who is of the same sex, for instance sometimes elderly women would like to see a lady doctor for private examinations or for gender specific issues. Apart from these few rare occasions, by and large we do not mind whether the person in question in a male or female.

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