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    Though we are all grown up and matured, there is a child in our moves which comes out often !

    For the elders at home, though we are all grown up and have our own big children, we are considered as children to them. This prompted me to raise this thread. Some where are the other, there is a child concealed in our behavior and attitude and that would come out now and then. For example when the group of children playing food ball and when you are passing through that place and the ball happens to come charging towards you, surely you would like to kick it with same style as done during childhood and thus those memories are revisited. Have you ever gone through the child acts even in grown up age.?
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    Many people say this. Sometimes the child's attitude that is inside everybody will come out. This may be true for many people. I may be an aged person now, but I am a son of my mother even today. So when I see her I feel like asking her to cook and serve my favourite dish of my childhood days which was being made by her. My wife may think why he s asking her. The same dish I can also make, my wife may think. But the taste may be different for me. So the taste I liked as the child is still liked by me. When my son is viewing a TV channel I feel like going to another channel. I will start fighting with him to change. He will not agree. Finally, my wife comes and says why are you fighting with him like a child. Then I will become calm and see the same channel what my son is seeing. So when we behave like a child somebody will be there behind us to remind us that we are not a child.
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    Childhood memories, antics, mannerisms, likes and dislikes still persists in us. It only that as we have grown up, developed certain inhibitions, incurred new responsibilities, the child within us is hidden. If you look at adults who are with their close circle of friends, they interact very jovially without any inhibitions as they used to do many years ago. The same adult in his or her own family doesn't display that.When we travel to a new place or on a family holiday, you can see grandparents,uncles or adults who behave very informally and they 'let down their guard' play fun games like a child along with the rest of the family, the roll down in the grass field,sit on a swing or come down a slide with a laugh and enjoy the holiday. once they are back home they put their gaurd up and become serious strict grownup. There is always a child within us that needs to be let out now and then to enjoy simple things in life.

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    As mentioned in the above comments, in every person there isa child. Occasionally this child comes out and make us behave or talk like a child. This is not happening intentionally. Very often the situation makes us behave so. Very often we comment, 'look, his is a childish behaviour'.
    There are occasions when knowingly we behave like a child. This may be when we join children for a game. There are other occasions like when we see a cartoon in TV or in film. I generally love to see 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon and used to enjoy it like children. Likethis the child in us come out occasionally.

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    There is a child within us. That childish behavior in us will not come out often but only once in a while, either accidentally or when we are with our close ones. Like Mr. Sankaran sir said, even I like to watch Tom and Jerry even today, but somehow I do not like any other cartons now. We become a child when we play with small kids.
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    Old age is like childhood coming back. That is why grandparents sync well with grand children. Both can relate to each other . The grand citizen would have reached a stage when they can enjoy small small things and find meaning in them. They are also susceptible to ill health and tripping and skidding easily just like small children. They also need support and confidence-building motivation like children. Mostly at the elder stage people forget revenge and are ready to forget and forgive. Children also forget and forgive those who hurt them, once the pain is over.
    So there are many similarities between children and old people.
    We had discussed on similar topics earlier also which include the following two forum threads.
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    Even if we are old, let us retain our child like innocence,but not act or react in a childish way.

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    There is a child within all of us, that is really true. If I talk about my father, his behavior is exactly the same. Just a small instance I would cite, while we have to watch television. He would just keep the remote on his side to watch the news. As he gets worried that I might pick up the remote secretly from him, he keeps an eye on it, until the news headlines finish or he is watching for a longer time. In this case, he behaves like a child, I completely agree, there we have to understand him and let him have fun with what he wants.
    When people start getting old, they start behaving as a child and hoping that whatever they say should be fulfilled.

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    True. Once I went to Mumbai and when I was roaming in the Juhu area I saw a shop selling cone ice cream. I was tempted to have one but shyness prevented me and stagnated for sometime by witnessing a marriage 'barat'. To my surprise two oldman from the barat gone fetch cone icecreams and walked by eating. I wiped of my shyness immediately . bought two for me and enjoyed.

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