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    Characteristics of Mentally Healthy Person

    I have studied, who is mentally healthy have following characteristics:
    People with good mental health have Self Confidence. They have emotional maturity, tolerance, understanding of the environment, They know the philosophy of life. They have the ability to decide
    They are cautious about their physical health. They lead a regular life.They have the sense of personal safety, They have the capacity to self- evaluation, Such persons are practical, they are away from imaginative world. They have the sense of self-respect.Being mentally healthy one should adopt above qualities.
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    These are qualities of a normal human being, being able to have a life with meaning,taking care of themselves,helping each other and looking after nature. Being able to live a stress free life one should ignore the silly criticisms coming our way, ignore the immature behavior and antics of people around us and avoid being dragged in unwanted discussions that harm others and our own well being. A life full of meaning is one that is physically, emotionally and spiritually well balanced. Trying to control the common sins of mankind and drawing a line between the real world and dreamland ensures that we are not disappointed, depressed and sad in life. A positive approach to life starts with having a sense of fairness and self-respect. If can introspect and learn from our mistakes, it makes us better human beings. Unfortunately, it's difficult to practice this religiously by all.

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    The author has given the qualities supposed to be had by a mentally healthy person. I have doubt whether anybody these days will have all those qualities. Did any of us understand the Environment? Are we trying to protect it? If so, how many? How many of us are conscious of our health? If you ask anybody what is the philosophy of life the majority will answer that earning money, becoming rich and enjoying is the philosophy of life? How many say it is not the philosophy of life. How many of the people evaluate themselves by the actions they do. These days how many people are following the ethics of life. So if we start evaluating mentally healthy people by the definition of the author what will be the% of people falling into this class.
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    It is hard to be mentally healthy these days. People are already overburdened with stress and pain. The changing living styles and heavy growth in economic trends have raised the par to stay physically fit. But mentally everybody lacks it. Mental health also denotes that satisfaction of what you have.
    Stress has given rise to a lot of diseases already. People remain mentally tensed with their work and people. In order to achieve a healthy mental health, one needs to follow a good routine of healthy talks with people around and try and stay active and stay self motivated too.

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    The parameters and the characteristics of a mentally healthy person was well defined by the author. Apart from the above qualities, it is imperative that a mentally healthy person also thinks about those who are under him and reach out to them during the times of needs. I have seen those who are well to do and leading a happy life having their own principles in force, does not care others who are suffering. What is the use of such a life which cannot care the needs of others in need. Secondly worrisome about the future should be avoided and that is very much present in many of us which spoils the health too much.
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