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    School authorities plundering parents

    I got the shock of my life when I got to know that maintenance fees charged from nursery kids. My colleague was looking around for schools where they could admit their daughter, the minimum amount that was asked was 1.5 lakh by DPS.

    I asked them how did you agree to pay such huge amount, they said that almost every school demands the same amount. It is 12-year long maintenance charge. My question was what if they decide to leave the school in between, will they refund the amount. It was a no.

    It might not come as a surprise to you but it was definitely shocking and surprising.

    Parents are not reading to protest as they want their wards in the best schools and they don't want to spoil the future of their kids by protesting against the management in the schools.

    Why not send to schools which take lesser fees, but the question is why schools are demanding such huge amounts (very unreasonable amount). Even if you decide to put your child in other schools, the rule says that the distance between home and school shouldn't be more than 13Kms, many are denied admission due to this.

    While taking admission, interviews of parents are taken along with children, if both are working, they deny the admission for the kids saying that the parents won't be able to give enough time to the kids. But when the expense is very high, there is no concession in the education, both will have to work to make both the end meet.

    Isn't there anything that we can do to make the school authorities charge reasonable fees? What can be done?

    I know many will say, send the kids to schools which are affordable, but that is not the solution? Is it right to allow the schools to plunder the parents?
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    In India education is a business. The establishers of educational institutes are doing that for profits. It is like purchasing education only. Here, three parties are at fault. The Government, The school Management and The parents. The parents never bother about fees. They want their kids to be provided with all bests only. They want AC classroom for his kid. They want a professor only to teach alphabets to their kids. They want all firsts only. No seconds. The management is trying to encash this weakness of parents. The collect the kid from the house in AC car. The classrooms are provided with AC. A very well maintained building and very good looking ambience. They appoint well-qualified people. By seeing these points parents will be in the queue before the school. The government should put a ceiling on the maximum of the fee that can be collected. But they will not do that. As such, there is no solution to this problem. The mindset of the parents should change. They should understand the difference between need and luxuries. Then only we will see that the people will be reasonable. When somebody is ready with money to pay, why management will hesitate?
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    There is very little that can be done because it's rampant and deep rooted across the country. It would need a mini-revolution to change the trend. Currently education especially early years has become a money making venture.Every parent wants to give the best to their children.This is the root cause or concept that is exploited very well by people in the education industry. Like a well oiled scam that runs smoothly, many organisations set standards,arrange infrastructure and carefully market their institution as the best in the city. There is a lot of creativity that goes into marketing the brand so much so that the brand becomes the focus and education of the child takes a backseat.
    Once a brand is built,then comes the small ventures that depend on the brand (transport, uniforms, books, teaching aids, human resources etc). It's like a many business ventures depending on the school for their own growth and profit.Then the brand expands rapidly with many big names as investors or stake holders. The Government apathy basically stems from the fact that these brands earn revenue in terms of taxes and the shady or corrupt officials involved in all aspects of the school functioning can make quick money.

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    Admitting children into a good school has become a big headache for parents these days. Infact, partially the problem lies with the parents,as most of them go by the brand name. Parents no more want to admit their children into ordinary schools. They get carried away by the huge school infrastructure and the so called facilities that they say they provide like the swimming pool or the basket ball ground which goes unused over a period of time. Education now a days has become a big business.
    On the contrary, a number of Pre-schools and Formal schools come up at every corner of the road and parents fail to check if the school has a playground or even proper basic facilities.Most of the apartments in a locality is converted into a school which says is a branch of a popular branded school in the state. To add to all these lot of coaching centres and tuition centres are also swarming in numbers. So a parent's search for a good education to their child just doesn't end with school alone. The saga continues. Even if they opt for the best school they are unhappy with the coaching provided in schools and ultimately opt for after school tuition centres further taxing the child.

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    The private school managements are coming with new terms to plunder the amount by giving them new name. Either too they used to take extra money as the building fund , library fund and recreation fund. But now maintenance fund which is yet tp sync with my imagination. What kind of maintenance they are going to provide to the children. They are not given proper care while they play on the ground, While alighting and boarding the buses, there are no waitress present at the gate and there are every chance of children going missing in the camps itself. Only HRD Ministry should take up this case.
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    Yes, private school authorities are plundering parents simply because the parents are more than willing to be plundered. They have no faith on Government schools and Government school teachers (despite the teachers are more qualified than poorly paid private school teachers). So, let them be plundered.
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    When a parent pays huge sums to the school, their expectations from the school also rises. They wish to be plundered for this reason. Also if the child is unable to perform all the blame goes to the poor teachers who are underpaid.
    Then the parents feel the pinch of the hefty amount paid to the school. They have no other option to keep the child studying in the same school.., since they have paid a lot.
    Who says there are no schools for the working parents... There are many schools who offer a full time school curriculum.
    Parents also search for such schools and get plundered.

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    Many parents due to their prestige sake and to get rid themselves from home, they search for schools with all amenities and ready to bear huge amount. To satisfy them schools planned to offer many(mostly unwanted) facilities at the cost of such parents. By seeing such schools normal schools also converting themselves. People also making up their mind to join in similar schools by pledging their head and suffering by ignoring government schools. Unless we opt government schools by setting aside such 'sophisticated' schools, this never comes down - everything isin our hands only.

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    A very good thread I must say. Yes, it is right that the schools are charging very high fees from the parents for their wards. And for parents, it has become a compulsion because they have to educate their child in a good school.
    Schools have made it a business to charge such high amounts from parents and burden the child with a heavy lot of books. But, I feel it does not matter from which school you are studying, they all teach the same things. But who can change the parent's thoughts, they have their own perception. But, really we need to raise voice against these increasing business of schools and kind of robbing the parents for money.

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    Thank you, members, for your response, but is there really no way to protest against this plunder?

    1. Why should there be fees for maintenance?
    2. Every year they increase the fees to a very higher price which is unrealistic>
    3. With such high fees, how can the school authorities expect one of the parent to stay back at home to take care of the child?

    Is it feasible to keep a uniform fees structure across all schools? When schools are demanding such high fees why are the teachers not paid well?

    I sincerely hope to find a way out.

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