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    CO2, Magnetism, Cells, Flowers.....which was your favourite science subject at school?

    Loved a particular science subject at school? Share memorable experiences of your school science class!

    There are many of you who must have immensely loved all science subjects during your school days, so much so that you went on to study one or more of the fields at college level too. At the other end of the spectrum are those who not just disliked science subjects, but detested them intensely! In-between are those who liked just one or two of the science subjects and yet others who liked only certain aspects of a particular science class.

    Let's share our experiences of school days in our science classes - serious, giggly, happy, strange...whatever!
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    From my high school days, I used to like Sciences very much. The physical sciences teacher who taught us up to SSC was a wonderful teacher who loved teaching to the core of his heart. He used to take us to the small laboratory in the school and show us the kips apparatus and hoe to make carbon dioxide using that apparatus. I used to like chemistry more than physics. I used to show interest in Botany also but I am very bad at drawing. So our science teacher advised me to go for Physical sciences in Intermediate. My teacher of chemistry in advised me to go for B.Sc in chemistry. It has added to my interest in the subject. So I joined in B.Sc leaving my seat in .B.E.Civil those days. I used to have a good liking for chemistry experiments. During my intermediate in our laboratory one day our lecturer showed us sodium metal. It was stored in kerosene in a bottle. If it is in the open atmosphere it will catch fire. Unfortunately, this point was not heard by a student. After the class, he somehow managed a piece of sodium and kept in a paper and put it in his pant pocket. Nobody noticed it. By the time that boy has gone to the gate he observed that his pocket is getting heated up and his body is feeling the heat. He quickly took out that packet which was burning by that time and thrown on the ground. Our lecturer came there and enquired and came to know about the incident. That boy was suspended from the college for a week. This incident I never forget.
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    Nice thread that makes us remember our school and college days.I always liked biology classes as we used get a chance to see specimens, at that time was curious to see these and learn about them. Used to enjoy drawing the structure or checking the flower stem under a microscope. I still remember the very basic science experiment of dipping the root end of a small flowering plant in a small glass of water with little ink, waiting for sometime and then cutting thin slices of the delicate stem to see the ink in the channels that transport water. It was exciting, anything that did not involve writing or sitting and reading books was very exciting. Dissecting the frog although ( sounds cruel now) and the see the fine muscle structures was a challenge among us as to who would do it better and neatly without asking for another specimen. Physics was not my cup of tea as I used to get lost in the theories that was very difficult to understand. Gone are the days for now only fond memories that come up at times.

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    For me science was the interesting subject in the school level and I was well connected with nature and animals. During the school projects we used to study the seeds in details about the mono cotyledons and dicotyledons. Even while during essays on science subject I used to take extra care to draw the particular subject and impress the teacher. Mind it I was studying in government school and the particular teacher was not particular about presentations and good mentions. It was my interest and I have done that. Like wise in Intermediate my favorite subject was civics and during the self government day, I acted as civics teacher and got the prize too.
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    If I were to discuss about science, I won't say it was my favorite because it was complicated.
    I loved biology because it gave me a connection to the world I live in. I still try to know as much as possible from biology though I'm studying engineering.
    Zoology particularly is my favorite. Study of living organisms. How cool is that?
    But my all time favorite was a combo called social studies- geography, history, civics and economics.
    I didn't like civics and economics in the beginning but I gradually came to like it.
    But nothing interested and interests me as much as history.
    I love stories. And history narrates them to me like a lullaby. I used to get perfect score in social studies.

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    Whenever I think about Physics, I remember only one thing-sleep, sound sleep. The Physics teachers in our school and college were invariably very good to make me sleepy. It can be easily understood that my knowledge of Physics is very profound!

    There are many funny incidents in school and college related to science. These may take more than four articles (even if I dedicate one article each to Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) to narrate.

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    During my school days, I liked chemistry and I used to wait for the days to get inside the chemistry lab. I liked the various acids of different colours arranged and kept on the racks. I liked the reaction when combined.

    My affection towards chemistry helped me to have my vehicle running with petrol and kerosine mixed fuel.

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    I was fond of Chemistry and Physics during my school times. Somehow, I couldn't manage to understand the cell structure, flora and fauna and same was the case with general mathematics. I was interested to work out the Algebra and trigonometry solutions but very poor in calculating the compound interest and time and distance calculations. very fascinated to draw the flow chart of preparation of oxygen clinically while reluctant to draw the pictograph of heart and other parts of body. This thread made me to look back and go to my childhood and school days.

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    I loved chemistry a lot. Especially the organic chemistry. was my most favorite part in it. The reactions and formation of new products were very amazing. We even used to do testing in our chemistry labs at times. Although I could not continue learning the same during my bachelor's, I always was more interested in it.
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    I was always imagining myself as a scientist in my school and college days. My dream then was to become Nuclear Scientist.I liked all branches of science. But I could not draw well and in higher classes dissection was needed. That made me restrict myself select Physics and chemistry for my college studies.

    Thinking that Physics was best suited to become a nuclear scientist-(having heard about nuclear physics)-I applied to Physics for my degree. But one of relatives told me to take Chemistry as that has more scope. So I got it changed to Chemistry before admission was finalised. God's grace, I was able to get recruited to a premier institution in the country in the nuclear field very soon after completing graduation.

    I was attracted by our Chemistry professor saying that "Chemistry is a science of discipline". In fact the Organic chemistry justifies that. Learning about just one member in the family of a long list of chemicals, it was easy and methodical to describe the others too.
    I am still keeping my scientific enthusiasm and sense f enquiry and analysis that I will see chemistry and physics in every day-to-day matters too. I am happy that I till retain my scientific attitude.

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    Yes, chemistry practicals class can be the most scary. You never know if something might catch fire or break. It is imperative for the teacher and the lab assistant to be alert and monitor the practicals to avoid mishaps and injuries. I recall making blue crystals with a group of us creating them later for the annual science exhibition, too, & taking great pride in it. I did like the wonders of adding two or more things in the lab and seeing if the result was as the teacher said. Hated mugging up the chemical formulas though!

    Physics was quite confusing for me and my mind often wandered....Only two aspects interested me: one was playing around with a magnet, just to see how many objects it could attract on my desk strongly enough to make them stick to it; and the other was the fascinating play of light through a prism.

    Biology was interesting in some parts, such as knowing the different parts of the eye, ear and brain. Botany was also much enjoyed, what with lovely hibiscus flowers being the main centre of attention to know its parts. I intensely disliked learning about parts of a fish - what a stinking class, literally, that was! We also had giggly moments when shown a skeleton, with the usual jokes about what would happen if the latch of the showcase where it was hung was left open....would it go sleep-walking?!!

    For all science subjects, one thing that I uniformly liked across all of them, was making diagrams with a pencil and ruler. It was great to see and self-admire a precisely drawn test tube or beaker, a prism or magnet, or a plant, all with arrows shooting out to indicate the names of the various parts. I have never been good at free-hand sketching as such, but somehow seemed to manage to draw the afore-mentioned things fairly well, with the teacher praising me a couple of times for the neat diagrams. Used to get thrilled about that!

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    This thread is forcing me to write.
    I was fond of Geography in my school days. I loved to color and label the countries, draw major rivers and mountains in it, naming the capitals etc.etc….…Later that interest turned on Geology, then on Earth science, then Environment science and disasters, astronomy, cosmology, space exploration, then on what not!? The entire universe is a fascination! I closely followed Carl Sagan and following Prof Stephen Hawkins!
    In school days my teacher used to tell us think differently. Whatever you see in front of you think about it.Think horizontally, think vertically, think in all directions…! There is solution for all the problems in this world. By his words, I was curious about anything in front of me. So we started thinking! His words are helping me like anything in solving many problems in my life and career.

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