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    Kamala Hassan says he wont fill up "caste" column of any applications of his daughter. Comment ?

    Ever since Kamala Hassan has expressed his view to join the politics and making preparations in that regard, his words and his statements appearing in social media are taken seriously by political big wigs and the latest salvo he fired that he is averse to fill the the "Caste" details sought through any applications of his both daughters Shruthi and Akhshara and he opines that he would leave that column blank. Comment on this statement. It is the well known fact that caste factor are the worst barriers to those who seek real justice from any source.
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    Kamal Hasan, a Tamil actor, is having a mass following. I have a good regard for him all these days. But recently when he expressed his view on some issues and commented on Hindu terrorism and he said he will not be in the country, I lost regard for him. However, he changed his version as usual after some days. Now I am seeing him and his statements, They are more politically oriented. If he is not mentioning the caste, let him not do it. Whatis going to happen to a common man. Is he going to remove caste-based reservations if he comes to power? Is it possible to him? Can he survive in politics if he does that? He is talking about his daughter's caste. What about him and his application for CM post? These are of no use talks. Only to be in the news they give all these statements and ultimately they are not going to do anything for the nation and public.
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    Indian Politics and Caste system are like twins joined at the hip, it would take many decades to separate politics and caste. Until that time, any political aspirant should keep his or her views on caste related issues(declaration of caste, bias towards a particular caste) very clear and should not keep swinging, either way, to avoid later regret.

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    He is more leaning towards left parties and support their actions and hence he makes mess out of his statements.
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    He is a great actor-no doubt about it. But he is entering politics. So, it is necessary to scratch the back of sickulars and liberals. And this (talking about caste system) is the most convenient way of scratching the back of sickulars and liberals. So he has done this.
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    Kamal Hassan entry into politics may not impact Tamil Nadu politics very much. The fight will be between DMK and AIADMK. The recent political developments weakened the AIADMK. The entry of Kamal Hassan may benefit one of these two parties. His announcement that he will not mention the caste is good. He may or may not be able to change all the people. His effort to be the change that he wants is a good sign.
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    Kamal is an excellent actor, but unfit for politics. In India, the politics is tied up with the caste. I would say the caste rules. Kamal can do nothing without caste. He should become a good politician and then think about reform.
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    In our, country Cabinet is formed on the basis of castes.Voting is cast on the basis of castes. Then what the attempt is made by Kamal Hassan is not up to the marks. There are reservations on the basis of castes. There is a column of caste description in the attendance register and admission register, which give information about the interest of pupils in education. The government needs data that column gives complete information.
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    "Becoming wise after the event" is what I can say in this regard.
    For Kamal Hasan has, as of now,there is no need for filling up caste column, as he or his daughters had completed all those essential things where the applications have a column 'caste', gender' etc.

    So it is very easy to talk like that. I think Kamal is slowly acquiring one by one essential qualities to come to the fore as a smart politician. He knows well which side the bread is buttered. Thank God, we get the glimpse of what his 'performance' will be future, now itself.

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