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    Is owning a petdog becoming more of a burden in the metros

    Many of us like to own a pet dog or cat at home for the children and us to be happy and have some company. In the metros where in the neighborhood is crowded or people live in high rise apartments owning a dog is becoming difficult. There isn't enough space for the Dog to let out in the front yard that many old homes had, the dog cannot be often let out on the roads as it needs some one around to make sure that it is safe. In apartments, there are many restrictions, cannot use common lift, cannot use the corridor or cannot be tied out. Needs to be inside, we need to take them out for the daily activities. The expenses of animal health care is high. I've seen dogs looking dull and quiet waiting for the families to come home from work. Owning a pet dog has become more difficult in metros. Request members to share their views.
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    Yes owning a pet dog or a cat has become a challenge for the pet lovers. There are many reasons for it. The street dogs out number pet dogs and we cannot let out or tie the dog at the gate or the entrance of our apartments. Normally the children of apartments would be running around and playing during leisure time and in the presence of pet dogs their freedom is curtailed and hence complaint galore. Likewise while taking out the dog for easing out during morning and evening, it is risky as the road side dogs would look for opportunity and pounce on it and thus rearing a pet in metros has become challenge.
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    These days owning a pet dog is very difficult. It is especially so if both wife and husband go out in the morning and come back in the evening. We have to take care of the pet the same way we take care of a child. So it will be very difficult to have a pet dog these days. My Sister stays in Hyderabad. She is a housewife and my brother in law is a CA.
    He also spends time in the house only as basically he is a consultant. They don't have any kids. They have two pet dogs. My sister and brother in law almost spend minimum 4 hours on them. For their food, nature calls, bathing, take them out for a walk and other activities almost both of them will spend that much time. They can't go out of the station as nobody will be there in the house to take care of them. Really it is a big problem. I have seen them struggling with the dogs. Then you can imagine how much difficult it is if both of them has to go for job and then come back and take care of them

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    Though what you say is logically correct the stats suggest otherwise. The dog population and purchase is at its peak.
    Surely, most of these dogs would be deserted.
    But people are trying out new varieties of dogs. And nowadays apartments permit owning of pets.
    India was never a cat country. We didn't own cat that much. And bird domestication will be gone in few years.
    But nowadays people are bringing in fish.
    I've seen that aquariums are present in 1 out of 7 houses roughly.
    So seeing all of these, owning few pets in metro has increased and few have increased.
    Many have ceased.

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    I have seen the same things listed by the author in one of the neighbouring houses and to add, nowadays people leaving country leaving the dog with others make dogs get accustomed is very difficult and even they feel sick and it takes time. In some house, people lock the dogs inside the house when both are employed.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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