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    Is social media doing good to the people

    Of late, it has become a habit to people of all ages to spend a lot of time on social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. In many working places, the employees are using their time for watching these sites and postings on this media. In a way, it is reducing the productivity.
    Many people publish some fake news which will go viral and people start discussing those points only.
    Another important point is these days the school going children also are having smartphones and facebook accounts. So some of the students spending a lot of time on that and wasting their valuable time. I know some kids who are in their early teens, spending time and chatting with unknown people on these media which are resulting in unnecessary complications.
    There may be some advantages but overall I feel there are many problems in using this social media more. Do you agree?
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    You know the secret of best use of social media. Have good friends and nice friends as your contact members and then see the information galore that would treat your eyes and fill the mind with whole lots of stuff and news. If you going on choosing who ever makes request as friend, then there are no guarantee that good things would come your way. For me I am enjoying my presence in Twitter and Facebook as more than 700 followers and 1500 members are my permanent friends in both media and they daily sharing were fantastic and in fact I find less time to go through all those messages and information.
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    Social media is something which has become part of life for most of the middle and upper class people. Of course a knowledge of using the smart phone is the minimum requirement. The question is what for it is used. Of course for retaining friendship it is a good medium. Earlier writing letters was the medium for keeping up of friendship.
    Sharing news among friends through this new medium has seen to be very useful. Passing the news about the birth or death or any other important incident has become so easy now.

    At the same time a few are misusing the facility for propagating scandals and even filthy and abusive news. Certain people make use of this for political fights, again using filthy languages.
    Many official news are also sometimes transmitted through this. In fb there are pages for ministers who notify their policy decisions through this. This social media if used for good and important purposes are highly useful during these days of quick changes. Those making use of it must develop the mentality for not misusing such a useful media suitable for the present day life.


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    For a limited use probably social media may be a good pass time for some people but for a prolonged use it is simply a waste of time as well as a big addiction.

    This addiction is harming people in many ways. They are wasting a lot of time in social media which otherwise they would very well used in some creative activity.

    Today this evil has affected the old as well as new generation to such an extent that family members have not got time to talk to each other.

    The online companies promoting these platforms are minting money from the advertisements and gullible users are paying their monthly telephone bills voluntarily.

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    Social media is beneficial and also disadvantageous in its own way. It is good in such a way that we stay connected with our friends, relatives, maintain contacts with them.
    It is also a useful resource as it also contains information related to current affairs, various people, people also share good thoughts and opinions. People discuss their day to day events.
    But it is distracting and not at all helpful for those who misuse it. The misuse is like playing stupid quizzes like many people do it on Facebook, sharing multiple photographs unnecessarily, doing useless show off about your life to the world. People who just consider it as a source of entertainment and make it an addiction and just want to collect likes and comments from people, it is completely useless for them. So, one needs to understand how to use social media in a wiser way.

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    Social media can be extremely beneficial and harmful. It solely depends upon the user.
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    Though the social media is meant for public awareness on the country's affairs, nowadays they are just confusing them. The main reason for this confusion may because of medias in huge number and that too political party based.

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    I personally support all kind of technological advancements in the field of social networking. It ease people's reach ability and connectivity across the borders. When these advancements come to the market, they come with the intention to favor people. So, making the best use of these social media is in the hands of public.

    Of course, there are people prefer to use it for destructive purpose. If their intention is to make non sense, they will obviously find any other mean to fulfill their inappropriate negative desires.

    Now a days, I find public and parents complain that their kids spends too much of their time in social media. It is the problem of parenting and not of social media. When parents could not control the activities of their two kids, it is not desirable to expect a corporate to control the activities of unknown people.

    In olden days, educational researches and paper submissions were based on secondary research, which were mainly of books; but now, the secondary research is mainly depending upon open source information in Internet like google, yahoo etc. So, obviously, students are forced to get access to digital devices and internet, which give them access to social media as well.

    Here is an article of mine, describing the basic differences between social media an social networking. Also, other possible benefits that could be gained from social media sites.
    Why should we sign up to social media sites?

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