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    Which is best for people-An Assembly session with opposition or without opposition?

    In the present winter session of A.P. Assembly, it is going on without the opposition party. The Assembly of A.P. is composed of ruling TDP Party members, few members of BJP (a part of ruling government) and Y.S. Jagan's opposition party. Since 28 members of Jagan's party joined in TDP and as the Speaker of Assembly has not disclosed the position of these members for many months who may come under anti-defection law, in protest to this Y.S.Jagan's party boycotted this winter session of Assembly. Due to this, there is no opposition party in the Assembly. Mr. Chandrababu announced the members of his party only bring out the issues of the people like an opposition party. Because of lack of opposition party in the Assembly, the assembly may go on smoothly without any interruption. Do you think this type of Assembly sessions without opposition party will do good for the party or not?
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    Assembley is wrong please correct it in the Main headline.
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    Assembly of AP is going on very smoothly as there is no opposition in the assembly. If the representatives are very conscious of people's issues if the opposition is there or not, they can work honestly. They can strive for the people. If that sincerity is lacking a small number of opposition members also can't do anything. This we have seen in the Lok Sabha when the combined AP bifurcation bill was passed. So all depends on the individuals. But it is better to have some opposition members always in the assembly so that good constructive work can be done. But as long as there is no sincerity in the leaders it makes no difference. When assembly session is going on the opposition leader is busy in meeting the people without having any concern for the assembly sessions. He is paid for being an MLA. He is getting all facilities of MLA. A huge public money is being spent on him and he is meeting people to become CM in the next government. We are paying tax on our hard earned money and these people are enjoying.
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    If there is an Assembly session without opposition, the outcome depends on the integrity, honesty, and sense of fair play of the ruling party members. There are many important tasks at hand and constant discussions, disturbances, interruptions by opposition party often mar the proceedings. When there is no one to oppose, then things will go smoothly. The key here is at least 1-2 members of the ruling party should play the devil's advocate, i.e try to find fault with the decision arrived at.The other drawback is laxity on the part of the ruling party in the absence of a strong opposition. In such situations, there is nobody to monitor the ruling party and bills or decision may be taken that actually harm the interests of the common man.

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    In Democracy, opposition is the essence through which the wrong doings of the government can be mended and brought to the main stream. Normally those in position, they are tend to take some wrong decisions without even consulting the experts and that actions would favor only their party cadres at the cost of public money. In that situation the opposition parties work as the watch dog and bring the wrong doings to the limelight. The bitter show between YSR Congress party and TDP in AP is proving to be worst politics as the sentiments of voters is not taken into account.
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    Opposition parties are a must in democracy. A responsible opposition party will help the ruling party in giving a good governance. These days we find that for political parties, it is more important to maintain political supremacy rather than the development. Until the political parties reform, the politics will be like this only.
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