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    Why not reservations for Chief Minister and Prime Minister posts in India.

    After independence to India, Indian Constitution has been made. In that 10 years, reservations were kept for bringing up the people from downtrodden castes. That facility is extended from time to time keeping the vote politics in mind by many politicians. The list of castes was gone on increasing, Sc/St/BC and so on so forth classifications and then minority reservations. These reservations are there for all jobs. In fact, there is an attempt to force reservations in private jobs also. Even 30% reservation to females also has come into force. In AP struggle for including another community in BC list is going on. Telangana CM is trying for increasing reservation percentage to a minority community. In IITs also reservations are there and for IAS also there are reservations. There are reservations for MPs. MLAs, Corporators etc. But so far nobody thought of creating reservations to the posts of CMs and PM. I think it is better to introduce reservation for these positions also. A methodology can be thought of like every alternative tenure these tops posts should be reserved to a reserved category. I feel it will be for social justice to underprivileged castes. I feel members will agree ?
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    Interesting thread, the person at the helm of affairs at the state and national level should be someone who has the pulse of the nation, has leadership, diplomatic skills with moral courage and a passion to do good for the country. If such a person can come from these groups, I do not think anyone would object. On the other hand, people would object if the CM or PM candidate's only quality is having the tag and nothing else.There may be some leaders from these communities who have the potential to become the head of the state or the nation. Such individuals can be groomed as a future leader. Instead of having a mandatory methodology wherein the appointment of a suboptimal candidate can be pushed through just because the seat would go vacant, it should on more robust criteria other than only a BC/SC/ST tag.

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    Reservations are sought when there are more chances for all and in case of PM and CM post there cannot be reservations as there is only one post and that too it is the post coupled with responsibility and sensible ruling. Those who hail through reservation to higher post, probably lakh the ability and talent and thus no one ask for the reservation for the post of PM and CM. But the way various castes are grouping up and our political parties are making fake poll promises on reservations, surely days are not far, when the post of PM and CM would be fought on reservation basis.
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    How can we say that there will be capable persons in reserved categories? For all jobs and studies, the requirement will be different than another category person. Similarly, they can give a separate requirement for these posts also. If We feel PM and CM require some special qualities, then what about President and Vice President. Political leaders can think of reserving those positions to reserved category. Why deprive them of some positions, when we are very lenient in all other areas.
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    That's a nice idea I feel, but the question is being the topmost and highly responsible position for the country, will the people of our country agree? If reservations are done on the basis of qualities and qualifications for achieving the post, that would be a much better way of fulfilling such position. People need to think that when ideas will be applied to reality, then only the situations or process can improve. For such reasons, the way of adding reservations for the post of CM and PM needs to be wisely applied.
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    There was a time in this country when the leaders felt that reservation to certain castes will be a good measure to take them out from social injustice and neglect. To some extent the objective was achieved also. Unfortunately in the long run reservation became a tool for the politicians for vote collection and exploiting the sentiments of a particular community.

    Today reservation has become a type of mockery and is being ridiculed in the academic circles specially when the son of a already big person is taking advantage of his caste.

    I think now it is high time to scrap this system and let there be open competition between the people for higher posts. Though it will be a tough decision from Govt but we can not carry this corpse on our shoulders further.

    Govt can think of giving one time privilege to economically backward people. That makes some sense. Strictly speaking caste, creed and religion should not be a criterion for anything in this country. People are taking lot of mischievous advantages by virtue of belonging to a particular sect or group. That is to be forbidden.

    Let us not turn ourselves into a communist country but at the same time we must learn from China that how no religious group is able to make nuisance there.

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    I agree with the author that in line with all other reservations this should be added. Why people should be deprived of this benefit when we are giving them preference everywhere.
    I am not aware if there are any reservations in allotment of constituencies or so many members should be there from reserve quota in Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha. If it is there then there is no need for a separate legislature as it takes care of those aspects which author has mentioned in the thread.

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