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    Today I came across this word and I am fascinated by it

    The word is Atelophobia - which means the fear of imperfection the fear of never been good enough.
    I have come across many people who are suffering from this phobia but I was not aware that there is a word for this kind of behavior. Although such people often achieve success in life but among these there are some exception these are the people who often strive for perfection and fears imperfection often end up achieving nothing because they want things too perfect and wait too long for perfection, so I think we should notice such people around us and help them overcome their fear for imperfection.
    Even I sometimes feel Atelophobic while giving some answer in the class but then I console myself saying these words that "its better to become a fool than remaining a fool for life" and hence ask my doubts no matter how foolish they may sound.
    Have you ever felt Atelophobic than how did you tackle that situation?
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    A very good post. Atelophobia. The perfectionist will have this phobia. I feel people having this will always try to do all the things 100% right. Any little deviation also they may not tolerate. In this attempt, they may be losing some time always. We need not worry about perfection always. When we introduce a product into the market, we have to do it at the earliest as we will get the first comer advantage. Small Small imperfections may be there. We can get the people response and we can try to improve in the next mark. Improvement is a continuous phenomenon. At the same time, we should not do blunders as it may backfire on us. So we should know where to take chance and not. Then we need not worry. The things will become perfect.
    always confident

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    I think being perfect depends on the scenario and the task at hand.Whenever I hear someone that you don't have to be perfect all the time, I feel like laughing. Would this person before starting his flight journey walk up to the pilot and say this? Would we tell this to the doctor who is about performing a critical operation on our beloved?. Would we tell this to our children's swimming coach? Hence trying to be perfect or being perfect is needed at times. Depending on the gravity of the situation and the importance of the task, people have to be perfect, aim to be perfect or can afford to be imperfect. To me doing a job aiming to be perfect all the time is an impossible task and this is where some fail. Try doing a good job and if you achieve perfection it's a bonus if not nothing is lost; at times when you can't afford to be imperfect try your level best to deliver.

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    Atelophobia. For some it might sound stupid. For some it's just stage fear. For some it is just a scapegoat for being clumsy.
    But aren't we all afraid of being not good enough ?
    Don't you think a ten thousand times before committing to something?
    Low self esteem is harmful. This can lead to atelophobia in real.
    I have a theory about phobia. Most phobias don't seem sense right?
    There is even a fear of number 13. Why do these irrational fears even take root?
    It can't be explained with painful experiences because most phobia are irrational.
    I think phobia are in genes. Because fear of narrow spaces and many such phobia cannot be explained logically.
    So, even atelophobia is something a person is born with.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A very nice post. I am hearing this word for the very first time. Fear of imperfection is there in more or little quantity in everyone. It is just how we are tackling it. People who are fearless in any scenario could never have such type of phobia. Even I also get this thought many times, but then I go and do the work, knowing that I will find out even if any mistake occurs. You can always ask people for help in such situations, guidance will always help.
    Do what inspires you !!

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