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    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

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    Really a great post. External beauty attracts our eyes. By seeing somebody or something if we feel like seeing again and again that can be considered as external beauty. External beauty come as the age comes and from a particular age it starts diminishing. So external beauty is a temporary phenomena. But inner beauty is something related to the attitude of the person. We can't understand it just by seeing. It takes some time. We have to move with him and we hav3 to understand his mentalit. Then only we can understand the inner beauty. Even though we are in a group we can easily understand the inner beauty of a particular person by seeing his movement with other people and the way in which is talking to others and how he is presenting himself. It is always better to be with a person who is having inner beauty rates than the person with external beauty.
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    Beauty is something that's innate, it stands out in the crowd without any effort, it could be a radiant face of a child or the captivating eyes of a woman or the handsome face of a man. Yes, it depends on what the person perceives as beautiful. Many people spend valuable time and a fortune to look beautiful while some people display grace and beauty effortlessly. Then comes inner beauty that one comes to know once they start interacting with the person.Inner beauty personifies purity, noble thoughts, and good deeds. When one focusses on achieving inner beauty, the outer beauty becomes meaningless as it does not last long.

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    I believe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. What I find beautiful might not be beautiful to you. At times by seeing someone we might say how ugly he/she is, but they too get married and that means there is someone who finds them to be beautiful. Maybe they did not look for the outer beauty but the inner one. There is no point having outer beauty when you have the worst mind in the world. But people will still like you if you have inner beauty and not outer.
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    Yes I too agree that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. One can define the person by seeing the eyes. If the eyes are arresting and probing, people would be instantly attracted to those person. For a women eyes plays important role to define her personality and cult. Most of the beautiful women in this world are gifted with great eyes and that brings them name and fame. And by the way what we see from those eyes are the prerogative of the person concerned. How best we are putting those eyes to best use again depends on our experience and past records. Nevertheless good eyes are the treat to watch and appreciate.
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    The moment we get to meet someone for the first time we seem to notice their looks and it is with this external appearance that we tend to generally judge them immediately. I think everyone many times in his/her life would have or is experiencing the same. It is a natural human tendency to get attracted to a person with their appearance and physical beauty. But what appears beautiful for me need not be beautiful for others. Each one defines beauty in his/her way.
    The external beauty that we talk about does not seem to last longer. With age it fades away but it is the inner beauty that really seem to matter and stays forever.

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    Beauty. I searched and researched a multiple times to understand the true essence of this word. I use the word beautiful with a great gravity always, because I possess no other adjective fitter than "beautiful" when something makes me speechless.
    "beau" means good or well in Latin and believe that "beautiful" is a Latin word.
    So, when someone or something is full of goodness, I call them/it beautiful.
    Beauty needn't be in the eyes of beholder. A smiling baby, a drooling dog, a blooming flower and a morning fog.
    Aren't these beautiful to everyone? We all find some things either beautiful or not beautiful.
    "Beauty is in the eyes of beholder", is a bland phrase given by some tormented gentleman who got emotionally attached to 'a not so beautiful object' and is trying to convince himself and others that it is beautiful.

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