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    Kerala witnessed a day for Science, yesterday.

    Yesterday, 14th of November, was celebrated as a day for Science in Kerala. This day is celebrated regularly as Children's day, remembering the first Prime Minister of Independent India who loved children very much. He was also a person who believed in science and it's role in the development of our nation.
    Similarly 7th November is also a special day because it is the birthday of the Indian Scientist who brought Nobel Prize in Science (Physics). Though not Indian another Nobel laureate Madam Curie was also born on the same day. This year is 150th birth year of Madame Curie. She was awarded the Nobel Prize twice, one in Chemistry and other in Physics. She had a very difficult life and had to fight for doing her scientific works leading to the highest awards. This year throughout the world this day is celebrated honouring this great scientist.
    In Kerala, the week 7th to 14th was celebrated with science classes for the public as well as for students. It was aimed to propagate scientific temper among the people. Jawaharlal Nehru was all for creating this temper among the people. He gave much importance to science.

    Thus connecting these two days 7th and 14th a week was set apart for conducting science classes in as many places as possible. The last day, 14th, a Science rally was also organized in the head quarters of all the 14 districts of Kerala.After the rally a public meeting also was conducted with senior scientists speaking on related subjects. Thousands of people attended in all these programmes. Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment, Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishath, State Education department, State Library Council and several other organization joined together to make it a grand success.
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    Good that Kerala Government is regularly celebrating 7th and 14th November every year as the science days and conducting various seminars and classes to elaborate much importance of science in our daily life. In this regard I wish to make a appeal to the science fraternity that subjects like physics and chemistry has become tougher issues for the students and they are not able to make right concentration. Ways and means must be evolved so that even the dull students are attracted to those subjects and they get much interest to memorize and understand physics and chemistry much more easily.
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    November 7th to November 14th was celebrated as science week in Kerala. This is good. This type of actions will give the scientists more importance. They will also get motivated. In fact in our country, no importance is being given to science. In our country education means only Engineering and medicine. All other courses are not at all considered. But actually, science should be given more importance. Without basic science, there is no development of applications. After deriving a new molecule only we can find out its application as a medicine. So basic sciences should be encouraged and we have to make students to get attracted towards these subjects. The Indian government should think in this direction and encourage people to get attracted towards these subjects. I hope by doing events like this some awareness among the people can be brought some understanding about the importance and benefits of these subjects.
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    It is true that there is no general awareness about science or scientists in our country. The concept of 'scientific temper' is completely unknown. There is a National Science Day, 28th February. But except in certain schools nowhere it is celebrated. Many take it as the birthday of Dr. C.V. Raman !
    In Kerala there is an organisation called Kerala Sastrasahithya Parishath. It is a volunteer organization which has been working for popularizing scientific thoughts among the masses. (for details search in Google). It was started in the year 1962.


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    Very good post indeed. It is very nice to note that there are science sessions being organised in the particular week of 7th to 14th November. We should be looking and thinking more about scientific approach and thoughts. Kerala seems to be doing a great job here. Yes, you are right Mr. Sanskaran, we are really not aware of either science or scientists much in our country. I got to hear this new word called "Scientific temper" from you. I am going to google and search for it. Such knowledgeable posts are really needed.
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    Nice to hear about a science week in Kerala. Marie Curie's discovery of radium has helped medical experts to save many lives and she lost her own life after developing aplastic anemia after years of exposure to harmful radiation from her early days.Science awareness has taken a backseat for lack of time and resources and dedicated support that schools need to provide for students.We have many olympiads in schools that assess or make children read the books for science to score good marks in the science olympiad. What we need is a simple way with practical lessons and interactive exercises to make children get interested better.Hope this science week in Kerala becomes more succcessful and then it can be celebrated in other parts of the nation.

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    @ Pooja Srivastava,
    The use. 'scientific temper' is not mine. It is the word coined by our first Prime Minister, Sri Jawaharlal Nehru. He wanted every people of India to develop scientific temper, such that Indians would be free from superstitions.
    Marie Currie got Nobel Prize twice, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry.


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    "Developing Scientific Temperament" is one of the duties of the citizen. The Constitution of India incorporated "Duties of the Citizens". It is not just the"Rights" but"Duties "are also important t0 claim the rights.i

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    Yes, Sir.. Scientific temper is really a good approach to follow. I read and the Wikipedia said that Jawaharlal Nehru even talked about this word in his great book "Discovery of India" which was published in 1946. If we start following the scientific approach to things, we can become wise human beings I think.
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    Today a Science Exhibition (Science Mela ) is being held at the nearby school in my place. It is the sub-district level event. The winners in this will be participating in the district level and from there in the State level event.

    We had it in our own school days also and I could also participate with a exhibit or project in one such event. This helps to create a scientific temper i the students. That will help in the future in many of our activities and reactions.

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