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    Being hyperactive is not a good sign

    A girl joined in our office recently, say about 3 months back. She is very pretty, good at work and does things out of the box too. But she has got a loud sound and laughs loudly. She always picks up conversations and other team members will join. She takes 5-6 people with her when going to the pantry for tea. She is very active and is never seen dull. She has a say in everything. Within this short span of time, she has made lot of friends, knows almost every person at the office.

    Initially I used to admire her. Recently she went on a 1 week leave, then we could all work peacefully but when she came back the team members are disturbed as they are getting distracted from their work. Some people from the other team are irritated by her sound and the noise she makes. In short now people are trying to avoid her even though they do not have anything against her.

    One should be active but being hyperactive is not good at times. Now people talk only about her flaws and all the good things she did and her qualities are being ignored.
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    Yes this hyperactive tendency is developed in a person from their genes and that is noticed from their childhood itself. Some people want to learn everything and anything in their life and thus wants to create a impression to others that they are here to stay and create a sort of competition between them and thus those who are working close to him or her would have the feeling that their importance in the office is lost and the works gets disturbed. It is better to warn her and mend her ways. Otherwise all of you make a complaint to the lead manager so that she would behave politely.
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    Hyperactivity becomes good or bad depending on how the energy of the person is channelled. We cannot right away say that it is bad. Some people have a lot of inner energy. This inner energy makes them hyperactive. Thethe inner energy requires an outlet. The people with hyperactivity become popular in the society when it is channelled in the right direction. On the one example of a colleague, the hyperactivity cannot be judged as bad.
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    Yes, If a person is too friendly, talkative and social people nearby tend to bore by that person soon. So there should be an element of mystery in the personality of a person to keep that person go on with the flow of society.
    Because if your all secrets are out no one will take interest in you same has happened with the colleague you mentioned everybody is aware of her behavior and knows that how she will end up wasting their time and so she has lost this element of mystery and has become a boring character. No one has anything interesting to know about her and more badly she wants people around her and people often don't value things which they already have and everyone knows that how much she requires people around her.
    Anything in too much amount is harmful even if it is positive quality like activeness.

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    We hear the term hyperactive being used among children full of energy but unfortunately, they cannot focus, they cannot study well, they get irritable often and difficult to manage. I think the same can apply to the situation you have described. Sometimes, when a new addition to the team or office happens, they strive hard to impress the colleagues and bosses and settle down later. Being jovial and keeping the office spirits high is good but it should not be counterproductive. If she's a nice person by heart, then as friends, some of you can sit down and gently convey the message. If things are at a different level in the office, then you can start focussing more on your work, quickly disengage for idle conversations, cut down on the time at the pantry or team lounge and carry on with your work, this would convey the message and things might improve. So being hyperactive is good as long it stays productive and not counterproductive

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    What I feel is - She has an ability to lead and take charge of the people by her character and approach. This ability has helped her to be in the eyes of her co-workers.
    All the other team members and others envy her. That's all.

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    I agree with the author's statement that one should be active but not hyperactive. I have seen some children who are hyperactive. They can't sit for a little time also. They can't concentrate on any work completely. They put their hands in more works at a time and finally will not complete at least one work. They disturb other students also with their hyperactiveness. Similarly in the office also some people may be there like that. I have never experienced such people in my career so far. There may be some people who are very friendly with other colleagues and they talk for long in the office, which may be a disturbance for the other employee. It is not good to talk very loudly and laugh loudly in the workplace. The other people will stare at us. Really such people are the disturbance to others around. It is true that productivity will definitely come down. So people who are a little calm and quiet will never go with such people.
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    You know who are the most hyperactive people? The anxious ones. A lot of us have anxiety issues even without knowing.
    All she needs is someone to calm her down.
    That is all. Just go to her, try to make her feel relaxed, acting totally normal.
    She'll be tolerable from the next day. Always make sure you tell someone politely what bothers you about them.
    If you don't they'll remain the same in future.

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    I feel people who are hyperactive are mostly go-getters and also aggressive. Some are like this by nature and they don't realize until someone points out to them, whereas some develop this quality mostly to draw others attention and to always be in limelight and to be talked about. If these qualities seem to bother someone they can always be diplomatic and keep themselves away from such people or approach them and make them understand if they really mean a lot. Since it is a workplace and incase that person gets offended then it may turn out to be a problem as one has to see him or her daily.

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    Hyperactivity is a sign that a particular person is aggressive and hungry for leadership. Some people possesse this quality or trait and are recognised very easily by their behaviour.

    These people are never calm and quiet and are always searching some activity for themselves.

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    Being hyperactive is sometimes good and sometimes bad. It is good when you have to outperform in work. It gets praise from people near you. But, if hyperactivity occurs in daily life and instances, it could create problems. That is the same that is happening with this girl. She is nice and friendly, but her very friendly and talkative behavior is disturbing her others. If she is being told that people get irritated with her attitude, then maybe she could try and improve herself.
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