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    I object, but will anyone listen

    I just noticed enhanced points and CC given to one of my responses in this thread. Logic says that I should be pleased, but I am not. I do not think my response deserved the kind of appreciation that it received.

    Why was my response thought of as deserving? Can someone please answer this?

    I think whoever credited the extras was driven by a bias. My response perhaps echoed the same sentiments in them. But, the question is, did it deserve to be appreciated?

    There have been many instances, in the past, where responses similar to mine were given zero/negative points. Did my response really deserve the extras?

    Please be judicious in giving members extra points and CC, don't let emotions takeover logical thinking.
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    I think you are right. In this particular thread, you didn't even answer the query right? Yet you were credited with points. I never understood the crediting method. I feel wrongfully appreciated too at times when my lamest response get 3 or 4 rupees and all my genuine responses go unnoticed.
    Maybe, it was a mistake Juana. These incidents happen. I was once credited a 100 rs by mistake which later was rectified promptly.

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    I think the editors might have thought that your answer is very appropriate and deserve appreciation. Whatever is done is it is for good only for you. So I think you will be happy for that. The concerned Editor we have seen that thread and given you extra CC and points can only answer your questions correctly with his/her reasons and points. Let us wait and see for that.
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    I request you to be patient as your query is forwarded to the concerned editor. You will be soon notified about any progress.
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    Your response questions the very basis and content of the thread, instead of trying to think of a reply and move on, you are questioning the content. If we observe, after your response, the entire discussion has been on the validity/accuracy of the thread rather than specific replies for the post. Maybe this was the reason your reply was found to be deserving. I agree with Aditya, there would be many good reviews that have not got cc and the other way round too.

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    Your response being the first and best response questioning the accuracy of the author's perception about diabetics and teeth falls, you deserve the award.

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    I was about to protest on this issue, and good that the author has volunteered and I appreciate her gesture. I just get laughing over the happenings in this forum. Those who raise the thread and make the members to think and append their answers are left out in lurch and even for not so concerned answers, the editors are kind enough to enhance the points and good cc. Moreover the editors should wait for others to respond to such kind of threads. How can they decide the cash credit since the author being first respondent and awarded cc. Later the author herself agreed to my point of view. What a mess.
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    1. Let me honest here, my answer highlighted a discrepancy, but it also mocked. What did it answer – nothing
    2. I have pointed out many errors in the past (I don't want to highlight the threads for fear of being labelled derisive and contemptuous). I don't recall being given CC or extra points for my efforts, in those threads. All I received was contempt
    3. Mohan – I knew about Type 1 Diabetes – I flagged the thread for the comment about teeth falling off during teenage years as being a natural phenomenon
    4. Srinivasa Rao - My conscience makes me question this – I don't see it the way you do, "…good only for you. So I think you will be happy for that". I question any practice that I find wrong, even if it affects me and I stand to lose. I see it as a matter of principle which 6 points and Rs.4 cannot equal. I sincerely feel my response did not deserve the 'recognition'

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    Jab bhagvaan detha hai, chapad phadke detha hai. Do men ask God why He gave it? No. The editor God felt that you deserve such awards.

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    Editors aren't God and if they think they are, then this thread should serve as a reality check.

    I think posts should be valued on merit. And I see no merit in my response. So, what happened?

    Aditya and Natrajan have observed that undeserving posts are being given CC and points, I agree with their view. And, I am ready to provide examples and take this debate forward, if it is required.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I agree editors are not God but they are the providers and members are the takers. If an editor feels that your response is worth and deserve an award, what's wrong?

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