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    Do you know the following facts about sheep.

    We all know about sheep. They are very cute. They are warm. They give meat and fur. These are the common facts known about sheep. Some more interesting facts about sheep I read somewhere. I am putting those facts here.
    Sheep will have square pupils. Sheep will have 32 teeth. They have not pointed teeth. The front teeth are placed on the lower jaw bone. The sheep can watch objects behind them without turning their head. Their lookout will be around 360 degrees. The sheep prefer open and bright places. The important point is sheep is to be with their herd. Straying away from the flock gives a high stress for sheep.
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    One more important thing. Sheep are stupid. They blindly follow the alpha.A number of times sheep fell over a cliff for following someone thoughtlessly. And I laughed really hard when you called sheep cute. It's true they are very cute and useful too. In places like Kashmir and Mongolia the sheep intestines are used as bottles. Sheep didn't exist originally, they we genetically engineered by us, 5000 years ago. For meat,milk and wool.
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    Came across this thread and learned more from the net. Interesting to note that sheep have rectangular pupils and this helps them to have a better peripheral vision also. Sheep are not as stupid as we were led to believe. It is reported that they can remember 50 faces for around two years, they can differentiate facial expressions.Sheep can learn how to find their way out of a complex maze.Wild sheep are known to escape predators by jumping and running across steep cliffs and mountainside.They follow the herd because it's an instinct that's hardwired from birth.

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    Wow nice to know about sheeps. It looks cute because they have wool but not every sheeps have wool some have hairs like goats. If we talk about animals every animal have something like lions smell their prey to near area either to a far areas. Rams are male sheeps, Ewes are female sheeps and lambs are young sheeps and siblings of ewes and rams.

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    Oh my God, I thought sheep are the other breed of goats being seen here and there. But there seems to be lots of difference between the two. The information given by author and added by Aditya were interesting and useful. By the way, it can see 360 degrees angle. Why this feature has been given to sheep and not to us. If we have also be given the same angle we need not turn our heads now and then. And it must be be very useful while driving as to who is coming closer and how to navigate on the road securely. May be God knows better what to give to whom. Nevertheless the information were nice,
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    Why Sheep have rectangular eyes? Most animals can be grouped into prey or predator. Generally, animals that belong to the prey (goats, sheep, toads, deer, octopuses) group have horizontal rectangular pupils that enable them to have a good peripheral vision. Predators often have a vertical slit. There are exceptions to this rule. Tigers and Loins like humans have round pupils.

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    Sheep are also bred for milk. Sheep milk cheeses such as Feta and Ricotta are considered gourmet foods. I like Feta cheese salads.

    Just the other day there was a news report in the media about at least eight sheep that could identify people from their images. They recognised Obama.

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    Unlike the goats which eat anything and everything(veg), sheep's eat only green grass.
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