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    Why same questions again and again?

    In this Era where technology advanced alot but still mistakes happen in certificates, marksheets, aadhhar card and pan card. The same question is asked by different new ordinary member in AE section. Why such mistakes done by universities and boards when we provide correct information about our personal details. Its indeed bothering the students. Why do we pay money to resolve that issues like wrong spelling of name, father name, mother name by filling the form online for duplicate marksheet and making an affidavit. Mainly excel software is used to make marksheets when there is also an option of spelled check with the help of the that spellings can be correct easily.
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    I agree with the author, these questions are very frequently. We can't blame the university or college or school staff alone. In certain cases, the concerned student's mistakes will also be there. If a person gives a different name for Aadhaar and another name in School, how school or college staff know about it. Another problem is when there is a problem in SSC certificates why they wait till they complete their graduation. Why can't they get it done immediately? We need not pay any money or affidavit is also not required if it is a spelling mistake by the authorities. They will do it free of cost. But if we keep silent now and go to them after 5 or 6 years, it will be a problem. In my elder son's tenth certificate there was a mistake in the spelling. Immediately we approached the concerned and we got the corrected certificate before he gets admitted to Intermediate. So finding the problem immediately and contacting the concerned should be done by the individual.
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    After all, life is still the various permutations of 'Aloo-pyaaj-matta-tamatar" (The same old Potato-Onion-Pea-Tomatoes).

    So there is always certainty of repetition, re-emergence,re-discovery and re-make or just a re-print and re-run of the pick up from archives. Mostly the story is almost same .The changes may be in the stage and actors. And the variation in the added masala.

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    Good question, when we throw in clerical or data entry type of work between two groups of people, one service requestor, and another the service provider, there would be many chances or errors as both parties are at fault. While filling in data for the exam applications we may not have been careful while receiving the marks card in the hand or a date of birth certificate many years ago, we would have certainly noticed this error but never bothered to rectify it. We start looking at it desperately now because it's become very important for passport, for a visa, for a property, and for a government job. In the same way, the staff at these offices who know the importance of such certificates and marks sheets can be more diligent checking and be rechecking their entries so that students need not suffer later on.Lastly, we need to allow an acceptable percentage as the margin of error in such tasks.

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    When the requirements and guidelines are simple and straight mistakes tend to be less. Due to mechanisation we have become able to handle quantity. But it may take still time to have the quality. Till then mistakes will happen. There is a real gap between perception and practice. What is written by the applicant may not be same as the scrutinising or dealing person sees, reads and understand. That person will feed what is understood and perceived him/her. In our country there is an additional problem-that of converting names and addresses pronounced in native language to English. This is one major cause for mistakes.

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    100 percent i agree with you because its all that bribing does not have a limit or end. The major problem is that those who are unfit for the job are given promotions and jobs through recommendations and by way of bribing the politicians.

    Even in case of ration cards the same is being repeated. our government and other related authorities has to take these issues as important issue. Now a days no one have time for others. Even while correcting the board exam answer sheets teachers dint show any commitment to students. its the same way people need money and they want to finish their burden of as soon as possible so they dint even care for others live.

    world require more educated and focused people and a more better technology should also be generated.

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