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    Upper word limit in the Forums section

    Dear Editors,

    Is there any upper word limit for posting forum threads? I know forum threads should be as concise as possible but can it be made lengthy if really required when there are more things to convey and if it is kept interesting?

    What can be the upper limit on words?
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    As far as my knowledge goes there are no specific instructions about word count in the forum section. A general statement is the forum should be as concise as possible with the required explanation. Ther is no minimum count also. Generally, many threads are awarded 5 points. But if the length is very less and only one or two sentences in the posting, the points may be allotted less than 5 basing the quality and importance of the subject. Recently I am seeing some threads which are very lengthy and more like an article without HTML tags. So I think you can make lengthy with a view of giving more information. you can make it interesting.
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    There is no word-limit in Forum posts unless specifically stated (as in case of competition threads). However, it is expected that Forum posts should be brief and crisp.
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    There is only one way to find out.
    Copy a really lengthy paragraph from somewhere and post it here.
    You don't have to worry about approval because you're just submitting your post.
    It won't be deleted yet. If the content crosses the word limit you'll be told. Just like how we rewrite the title of forums when they're short.
    Tell us when you get to know.

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    If you are generating a new thread, It would depend on the subject and focus of interest, we have had threads that are part of a story, describing a country or a current issue. Generally threads on human qualities, wellbeing tend to be a little long. Too long a thread sometimes becomes counterproductive as the reader would lose the interest before reaching the end of the thread and often stands the risk of being misinterpreted. Forum replies can be lengthy to convey the point or to actively participate in the discussions. If you have a very good subject and the details go into a few paragraphs, you can post it as an article and get more points than the maximum of 5 on the forum.

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    Sorry copy pasting is not allowed. While we solicit detailed forum thread so that the content is well understood and connecting to the heading given, the forum post should not be so lengthy that the reader gets bored and wont read at all. It is better to be in the range of five to six lines.
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