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    Is WhatsApp a distraction?

    We find a lot of people at workplace as well in holiday destinations using WhatsApp. I feel with this present WhatsApp era people are getting more and more distracted. It brings down a person's productivity to a large extent. Although there are a few advantages of having a WhatsApp account compared to other social networking site, I still feel that it is a distraction.
    I feel people seem to have lost that one to one talk these days. Most of the conversations between a husband and wife or a boss and his subordinate is done through WhatsApp. Even a misunderstanding between a couple or colleague is expressed in WhatsApp with the appropriate emonjis stating how angry or sad he or she is. Where is this going to lead us to?
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    WhatsApp has become a part and parcel of everybody these days. It is quite useful in many issues. Even we can send documents to this app and people got accustomed to it. The mother of a just born and months old baby will have to see the diaper of the baby very frequently to see whether a change is required. It will become a habit for her for some time. In the same way nowadys, everybody will take out his mobile frequently to verify any new messages and reply. This will definitely make everybody gets distracted and their work output will come down. That is why I have seen some offices don't allow cell phones in the workplace. Not only WhatsApp, the other social media is also eating away a lot of time from the people and making the output less. It is a big problem and we should not become unproductive by using these apps on our mobile.
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    Anything which is used beyond the capacity and to the brim would draw flak and criticism. Same is the case with Whatsapp. Though the application is very good as we are able to talk, convey , send image, send videos and wholes lots of emojis all for free just with a network data or wifi connection. Either too the International calls were too much expensive and now people are talking through Whatsapp and therefore it is not a distraction but very helpful. But some people have become mad over its usage to the brim that they share stuff of no importance and thus get flak from the friends and relative.
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    Yes, I would say a lot. If we have internet data on our phone, then everyone will keep checking almost in after 10 minutes, People have become habitual to it. Checking the notifications and sending in a lot of messages. Although it is a great app that connects us with our loved ones, it is a big source of distraction. Some people in order to concentrate on their important tasks, sometimes uninstall the app. Just to maintain their focus and dedication they are doing it.
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    What'sApp is a widely used by everyone for their own needs in life, to stay in touch.There are many uses that have become essential in today's life for an individual, a family and a group of colleagues at work.This useful tool comes with a catch, it is prone to misuse of overuse to the point of being distractive and affect social interactions and how effectively we are using our time. We have many groups on WhatsApp now wherein as late as 2 AM or as early as 4 AM you get an alert regarding a message that easily can wait until morning. Similarly, there is a flood of forwarding messages, images, and videos that take time to scroll through, loading and then viewing it.Most of us have to see them as we would be missing an important message or alert among all the other irrelevant messages. So, yes, it can be a distraction depending on the person using it.

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    WhatsApp is a social media for many while for many others it is a great utility to communicate and share documents even personal document. Due to its 'ease to use' it has become immensely popular also.
    Though there are many such apps in the market but in India WhatsApp is on top of the list.
    Unfortunately some people are so much addicted to it that it is affecting their time management and in turn affecting their growth in the career.
    It is definitely a great distraction for them. For those who are using it selectively for certain purposes it is a useful app.

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    Yes, Whatsapp is a distraction if a person become too habitual or addicted to it. Especially for school and college going kid it is a bane which hinders their studies and other activities in which they can do creative activity.
    You can see people around you who gets irritated when doesn't have net and have nothing to do in their free time because they are so habituated of whatsapp so much.

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    Smartphones will reduce the concentration power, especially students.
    It is not that the notifications coming in the smartphone distracting you, but the presence of phone near you itself reduce your concentration.
    Concentration means the process of requiring yourself to not think about something. Your conscious mind is thinking about this process. (Source Science Daily)
    Mobile phones are useful but detrimental to real life social interaction. It is a plague to humanity.
    So, try to reduce its usage.

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    Whatsapp is one of the very few mobile apps I am using.I have found it quite useful to me. It helps to have a 'personal - like' contact an keep in touch with our near and dear,but without the hassles and with convenience. It also gives a feeling of private one-to-one connection also.It also gives a sense of belonging to a larger group .
    Now there is the facility of voice and video call. It serves as a news (and gossip) informer too.

    However the situation has come to a stage which is well explained by the following whatspp message received.:

    " Whatsapp is like milk warming on the stove. We cannot sit peacefully and have to check frequently"

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    Yes, it is at times. Especially when I busy doing something when the message comes, I will be tempted to check it. My friends normally delete the app during their exam times as they find it to be very distractive. During leisure times, it is really good to pass time.
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